As Vos and Fitzgerald continue to lie about gun control:

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers called for a special session to attend to two issues around gun control that are popular with the residents of Wisconsin. Those issues? Universal background checks and ‘red-flag’ laws.

Evers on Monday announced he was convening a special legislative session, which allows the governor to force lawmakers to consider legislation on a topic of the governor’s choice but he can’t require them to act.  

And of course, in their continued refusal to do anything initiated by the governor, the Republicans in the Capitol will gavel the session closed as soon as it is convened. This of course despite that fact that I stated above…these bills are popular with the residents of Wisconsin…popular at nearly the 80% range.

[WI GOP Ignores the 81% : WI GOP Ignores the 80%]

“How many times can you go against 80% of the people of the state of Wisconsin … essentially telling them to go to hell and expect to be re-elected?” Evers said Monday. “It doesn’t make sense to me.”

But no one on the GOP side of the aisle can give an inch to the governor no matter how popular something might be with their constituents. So I understand their defiant lack of co-operation around the special session. But at some time during the regular sessions, there is no real reason to avoid taking up measures that are popular statewide. I mean, right?

And because there is no logical reason for not passing these bills…the potentates of Madison’s GOP need to lie about it.

One measure would establish a new so-called red flag law, which would allow judges to take guns away from people who are deemed to be a danger. Another would require a background check on almost every sale of a firearm.

Fitzgerald and Vos said the measures “could just be the first attack on the Second Amendment”

“A special session call will not change where my Assembly Republican colleagues and I stand on protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of Wisconsin citizens,” Vos said. “As I have repeatedly said, we will not entertain proposals that infringe on our constitutional rights.” 

Fitzgerald said in a statement. “The Senate will not be part of a drawn-out strategy to infringe on constitutional rights.”  

Well, full and total hogwash. There are already laws requiring background checks for gun purchases in retail instances that have stood up to judicial scrutiny time and time again. Extending those protections to ALL gun purchases statewide wouldn’t infringe any further on anyone’s gun ownership rights.

In the past Sen. Fitzgerald has said ‘red flag’ laws would violate a persons right to due process if someone was interested in confiscation of a persons firearm. But the law requires a judge to make that determination after being petitioned to do so…and the court needs to be convinced the individual is a threat to harm themself or others. Now Speaker Vos in particular has been very vocal about reducing suicides in the state. The ‘red flag’ procedure would be one device to do just that.

So essentially, the leadership of the GOP legislative bodies in Madison are lying about the value and constitutional validity of two laws that would help protect the lives of Wisconsin residents. But then, why am I surprised.


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  1. If 6 year old kids have to put up with active shooter drills; adults can certainly put up with back-ground checks. Vote them all out.

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