10 year-old won’t take pledge until gays have equal rights

Listen to a 10 year-old boy from Arkansas 10-year-old explain why he won’t pledge the flag until gays and lesbians have equal rights:

H/T to Caffeinated Politics.


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8 thoughts on “10 year-old won’t take pledge until gays have equal rights

    1. Yeah, whether you agree with the kid or not, you have to give him credit for standing up for what he believes in, especially at that age.

  1. Wow…I feel like crying when I watch that video. What a little warrior…a “REAL” American! I can’t get enough of the pride the father shows…and support…and understanding…and that elbow nudge at the end. The father is cracking smiles and is being demonstrative…while the insightful boy is completely on message and couldn’t be more serious. That is AUTHENTICITY!

    Thanks Zach… 🙂

  2. Good lord! Did I just hear a 10 year old say the words solemnly, malice, and discriminatory in a single 7 minute conversation? That is truly awesome!

  3. This kid is really articulate.

    Let’s have him run against Blanche Lincoln. I suspect that not only would he support equal rights, but he would support health care reform.

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