A deep thought…

Grumps over at The Happy Circumstance has a deep thought:

You wouldn’t take your dog to a vet who hated animals or trust your child to pediatrician who hated kids.

So why would you elect a Governor who hates government?


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14 thoughts on “A deep thought…

  1. Dismantle. Great word. I bet you wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic that feared dismantling engines. And I doubt that you’d call a plumber that feared dismantling sewer pipes. So why do you criticize a candidate’s experience rolling up his sleeves and making tough calls (aka dismantling)? Answer: Possibly it’s just like those people that blame the mechanic for the sorry state of their car or blame the plumber for the sorry state of their sewer. Um, no. The blame lies elsewhere.

    But, I could be wrong. I often am.

    1. But, I could be wrong. I often am.

      Nah – certainly not this time.

      My initial reaction was “that’s what passes as a deep thought?” Make an absurd claim, assume everyone grants the premise & then draw conclusions about it.

      Free market supporters are against all regulation.
      Those opposing the Democrats health care proposals are against all health care reform.
      Those in favor of limiting government hate government.
      If you’re not for us, you’re against us.

    2. Rich, if I have a broken arm, I’m not going to go to a doctor who’s going to amputate the arm; I’m going to go to a doctor who’s going to set the arm properly.

  2. Comeon, why isn’t img src included on the list of HTML tags? These comments are moderated, aren’t they? Anyway, humor does a better job of exposing fallacies than logic:


    1. Irish, I went ahead and edited that for you….not sure why my comments aren’t more “full-featured,” but I’m gonna investigate.

      1. cool thanks. sorry, that looked overly grouchy, I’m at home with the flu….so pretty much everything upsets me. 🙂

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