Scott Walker: nope, no secret network in governor’s office

Because Gov. Scott Walker is such a believable guy…

Gov. Scott Walker said in an interview Monday that there is no private email system in the governor’s office similar to the one that existed in his office when he was Milwaukee County executive.

He also said that as governor he has complied with laws that restrict public servants from mingling their official duties with campaign activity.

Walker once again refused to say whether as county executive he knew of or used a secret email system set up in his office to avoid public scrutiny.


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6 thoughts on “Scott Walker: nope, no secret network in governor’s office

  1. Thanks Zach. There’s now a huge vacuum in the Wisconsin media. Reporters and editors knew they could always go to Walker’s PR machine (for the oligarchs) for a quote, a sound byte. Progressives, labor need to fill the vacuum.

  2. From Bruce Murphy today:

    “…I spoke to a source who was a close observer of the governor’s staff in the state Capitol and who attended numerous meetings with staff. The source describes a system that seemed designed, as the county executive’s office was, to enable staff to do work on government time and evade public records request of any such campaigning, by using personal laptops and gmail accounts….”

  3. Walker’s denial of any knowledge of or complicity in a secret network reminds me of an old saying:

    “…and the farmer hauled another load away…”

  4. Jon ‘Sly’ Sylvester commented to Rep Cory Mason yesterday (podcast not yet posted) and suggested people should be asking Walker to release the contents of his John Doe secret testimony to help clear up any questions remaining about Walker’s role in the illegal campaigning on public time during his tenure as Milwaukee County Exec. It is in Walker’s power to ask for the release his own testimony.

    Great idea, I thought. My guess is that Walker gave up info (cooperating with investigators) under terms of personal immunity from prosecution for illegal activities during that time. My R Rep and Senator won’t be the ones calling for this particular JD disclosure. Maybe some others will take up the task.

    Another avenue to apply public pressure that should be coming from Democrats.

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