Cartoon: Walker’s Announcement from Dan Burr

Our friend Dan Burr submits another political cartoon. This time about Governor Walker’s announcement that he is running for president:

Walker Announcement

Copyright and used by permission by Dan E. Burr.


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8 thoughts on “Cartoon: Walker’s Announcement from Dan Burr

  1. You should have put a big “Koch Bros.” across the front of his shirt, and a swastika on his forehead.

  2. My ex is married to a right-wing jerk named Steve. You sound just like him.

  3. I am glad there idiots out there like you so we can gain insight how the dullard NeoCons think. Ruining America one state at a time.

  4. In effect and in the totality of humanity and society, isn’t Scott Walker attacking fairness, compassion, and even ethics and/or religious principles such as the Ten Commandments by his practice of politics!!!

    It is because Walker as a person is devoid of a moral sense of what is right or wrong or has a corrupted conscience.

  5. I don’t want to appear critical of Mr. Barr’s art or terribly snarky but where is the shiny bald spot?

  6. “Neo-liberalism is built on greed.” Fixed it for you. Liberalism is built on free markets, equality, and democracy. In other countries – secular countries – conservative parties are often the staunch defenders of liberalism. Not sure which is funnier – U.S. conservatives defending liberalism or Walker knowing what the heck it even means.

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