A few thoughts on Mayor Barrett’s Holiday Party

Just a few thoughts on Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s Holiday Party held last night at the Lakefront Brewery:

  • The place was packed, and there was definitely a lot of energy in the air.
  • The line of the night: talking about how he’s viewed as being a nice guy, Mayor Barrett noted that the situation in which he intervened during a domestic dispute and was attacked shows two things about his personality – he doesn’t walk away from a fight and he hates to pay for parking, and so he’ll be as tight with taxpayers’ money as he is with his own.
  • I don’t mean this to be disrespectful, but John Barrett reminds me of Chris Farley’s character from the movie “Black Sheep.”
  • This guy was there, because no gathering of liberals would be complete without the “King of the Hate Left.”

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12 thoughts on “A few thoughts on Mayor Barrett’s Holiday Party

  1. Politics aside, Mayor Barrett is a likeable guy. I’m glad to hear he will be tight with taxpayer money — I hope he stays true to his word! If he runs on a message like that, it should shape up to be an interesting race between two Milwaukee candidates.

    I wonder, at a “holiday party” gathering full of liberals, is anyone brave enough to utter the word “Christmas”?

    1. “I wonder, at a “holiday party” gathering full of liberals, is anyone brave enough to utter the word “Christmas”?”

      I wonder when conservatives will stop stereotyping liberals as being anti-Christmas.

      1. Around the same time when liberals stop stereotyping conservatives as heartless and greedy.

        And I never said anti-Xmas, I was just implying rampant and cowardly political correctness.

        1. So wait, it’s cowardly to say “Happy Holidays?” I use “Happy Holidays” as well as “Merry Christmas” simply out of respect for the fact that not everyone I know celebrates Christmas. I don’t consider that cowardly; I consider it to be considerate.

  2. forgotmyscreenname…saying “happy holidays” is not meant to exclude “Christmas” but to include all celebrations/holidays. I say “Happy Holidays” to people who I don’t know which holiday they celebrate and “Merry Christmas” to those who I know celebrate Christmas. Why is the right always so upset when people try to *include* everyone??

  3. I actually don’t have a problem using both or interchangably. I doubt anyone would be offended being wished a “merry Christmas” even if they don’t celebrate it (even though 98% of America does). In the same way I am not offended when someone wishes me a Happy Halloween even though I don’t wear a constume.

    I just figured I would ask since it was a gathering full of liberals. I am sure you guys think when a group of conservatives get together they eat small kittens or something.

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