As GOP Leadership Complains About the Governor and Foxconn

and claim we have an ironclad contract and the governor shouldn’t try to undermine it…just remember…we had a contract with railroad builder Talgo once too…and the GOP leadership broke it and we lost two trains, $50 million or so in taxpayer money and a Milwaukee facility with jobs. Just sayin’


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1 thought on “As GOP Leadership Complains About the Governor and Foxconn

  1. Consistency never was the Republicans’ strong suit. Expediency of the moment . . . well, yeah. These guys play and always have played a shifting game because they know their core ideology doesn’t square with the values of most Americans. One major tack seems to be a reliance on the public having a short collective memory. That being said, I find it amazing they’ve fooled so large a portion of the population – more so for the protracted number of years they’ve managed it. They are and have to be masters of marketing.

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