4 thoughts on “The hypocrisy of John McCain

  1. Wow, it took her a while to get to the point didn’t it? But I sat here and watched the whole thing only for the payoff to be… an off-camera voice saying “I object.” Whoop-de-doo. Really, this qualifies as a RAGING hypocrite?

    You didn’t even seem to flinch when Obama promised no earmarks, then signed a bunch of earmarks, went back on signing statements, promised not to hire lobbyists then hired a bunch, promised to root through government spending with a scalpel but only cut pennies. Does that seem like major hypocricy?

    Instead you focus on Senate floor procedures. Snooze. Where’s the post on Rep. Parker Griffith turning Republican… or did Terrence Wall sneeze or something?

  2. Rep. Parker Griffith changing parties isn’t news; his positions were more in line with the GOP anyways. Besides, in switching parties, all he’s done is guarantee he won’t be reelected, because he’ll still get primaried by Republicans.

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