A few Terrence Wall tidbits

So Terrence Wall is officially running for the U.S. Senate, and I thought today would be a great day to take a look at a few of T. Wall’s greatest hits from the past week.

  • As Jim at Pretty Important Politics notes, Wall wants to run a really clean campaign:

    “I want to talk about the issues. People are tired of the politics of personal destruction.”

    Ironic, considering this statement was made by the same man who hasn’t shied away from attacking Sen. Russ Feingold at every opportunity.

  • The illustrious illusory tenant can’t help but wonder why T. Wall is so ashamed of his home town, as Wall himself implied when he spoke at the Racine County tea party bonfire this past weekend:

    “So lemme just tell ya for a minute about my background. I grew up in Dane County. I never say Madison … [big yuks]

    T. Wall may not be proud to be from Madison, but before he was a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, his “official” biography noted, “Terrence Wall grew up in greater Madison having moved to the state with his family as a young child.”

  • I’ve written about Terrence Wall’s proclivity for finding loopholes to enable him to avoid paying his fair share of property taxes and state income taxes, and when asked to explain why he hasn’t paid state income taxes in four of the past five years, Wall said he paid no state income taxes for several years for two main reasons – because he took advantage of investment tax credits and tax code provisions that permit offsetting income with depreciation of real estate.

    I don’t presume to be a tax attorney or a Certified Public Accountant, but I can’t help but wonder if the depreciated real estate Terrence Wall used as an excuse to explain his not having paid taxes four of the past five years is the same real estate Wall had reclassified as “agricultural” in order to “depreciate” its worth down from $2 million to much less than that in order to avoid paying roughly $34,000 in property taxes.

  • And finally, Forward Our Motto has a list of How many things Terrence Wall can get wrong in 1 minute and 11 seconds of a speech he gave recently. It’s definitely worth a read.

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22 thoughts on “A few Terrence Wall tidbits

  1. In the few minutes of coverage of the MA election I saw on MSNBC last night I heard one of the commentators say Brown’s victory could be good for recruiting challengers to incumbents like Bayh, and “Watch out Feingold.” I don’t really think the MA election affects the likely Feingold-Wall race, but let’s stay on our toes.

  2. I see that Terrence Wall likes to shelter business in Delaware. If he is not willing to support the tax structure in Wisconsin then he should move to Delaware. How can he say he is fighting for Wisconsin while he avoids Wisconsin in his everyday dealings?

    Terrence Wall is a crook…..no two ways about it. If he was in office and had to make decisions that would effect his real estate holdings and tax structure do you think he would do anything that would damage his own position? No way!!!!!

    He is bad for Wisconsin


    1. Henry,

      Before you accuse Wall of being a crook please attempt to explain why you think Wall is avoiding taxes by registring his LLCs in Delaware. The fact is LLCs are not taxed at all (in any state) at the corporate level. Rather, they are subject to pass-thu taxation and proceeds are taxed at the individual level.

      Frankly, your willinings to make ignorant accusations based on your lack of understanding of the tax code is disturbing. So please do some due dilligence before posting as you are undermining the effectiveness of other’s arguments against Wall.

      For your reference, I have attached the Wiki article on LLCs.


        1. That may be, but at least we should be accurate. My specific objection is calling Wall a tax dodge for setting up Delaware LLCs. As I’ve pointed out, the location of an LLC has no impact on the taxes a person may owe one state vs. another. Any individual making that argument exposes their ignorance of the tax code. Nonetheless, I’ve seen the argument made on a number of web sites that Wall is not paying his “fair share” because he has Delaware LLCs. But that’s simply a false premise and false arguements need to be exposed–it makes our own respective positions better.

          That being said, I heard Wall on the radio and he’s not that impressive. But if you are going to attack his positions, and I have no objections to you doing so, please be accurate.

    2. “Support the tax structure in Wisconsin”
      Why would you want a candidate to support such a BAD tax structure? Making changes and improving our tax structure — I think those are the kinds of values that he would be fighting for on behalf of Wisconsin.

  3. Wall has used his private campaign launch events to rail on the Progressive Dane Party in Madison. I’m pretty sure that most people outside of Dane County don’t care about Progressive Dane, much less have heard of it. So it’s a dog whistle, one that says “I’ve fought local democracy since 2002!” Or more accurately, it says “I like to screw with commie-hippie-socialists!”

    I remember Terry Wall from my days in Madison. He and some other developer buddies tried to foil the Progressive Dane Party by registering the domain names progressivedane.com, .org, and .net. While there was some brief gnashing of teeth amongst the party members over this, I registered prodane.com and .org, and transferred them to the party’s ownership. And when Wall and co.’s more verbose domain names expired, PD bought them for their own use. They use those domains to this very day, but they all redirect to the concise prodane URL.

  4. WOW!! Turns out Terrence Wall actually has 1 supported in Wisconsin for the US Senate race. I’ll give you some good advice. Terrence Wall goes against everything people are asking for in this election. He is a typical wealthy guy thinking he has earned the right to the Senators seat. I really like how he told people they can be in the “Senators Circle”, YEAH!!! That’s American, give me a break. The more people look up Terrence Wall the more they don’t like him. From what I hear Terrence Wall is having a very hard time connecting with people and if you can’t do that your pretty much screwed. I hope he dumps millions into the campaign because at least he will be spending money in the state of wisconsin.

    He is dishonest and thousands of people will discover that. Terrence Wall is a little weasel, just look at him speak!

    At least Dave Westlake has integrity, and honor. We all maybe Democrats here but Westlake is still working hard to earn votes like Feingold is doing, I will never fault him for that.

    Terrence Wall is about to get a lesson in reality. Terrence has ZERO in common with the average voter.

    So here is my advice to you and Terrence Wall:

    Don’t ever assume raising money from fat cat’s will win a race. As wealthy as they are, it’s still one vote per person. People are really hurting in this State and al accross America, and Terrence Wall simply doesn’t get it…..and never will!!!!


  5. Henry, if you are referring to me, I never said I was supporting Wall (I may or may not be). I was commenting on your statement about him.

    You say, “He is a typical wealthy guy thinking he has earned the right to the Senators seat.” Oh, you mean like Herb Kohl?

    “Don’t ever assume raising money from fat cat’s will win a race.” — Every politician raises money from who you call “fat cats,” yes even the sainted Obama. As much as he liked to talk about only “small donors” it just wasn’t true. But I guess he can be forgiven like Harry Reid was for his comments because you all “know where his heart is.” Blah blah blah give me a break.

    My my, so much anger today. Must be the Massachusetts GOP victory.

  6. That was not in reference to you. I’m a longtime independent and I’m not happy with Feingold one bit.

    Herb Kohl is a bum, period!
    Harry Reid is a bum, period!

    Scott Brown was a great deal for me personally. I don’t like any one party having control, Brown moved us a little bit closer to having balance….it’s a good thing.


  7. Feingold is going down. People are sick of liberal ideas. We want to keep what we have worked hard for. We don’t want someone telling us what we what and making the “rich” pay for it. Don’t you people believe in personal responsibility? Liberals, the party is over for your big government ideas. Obama is the the most ineffective president in our history.

  8. Very interesting. I know Terrence and have dealt with him professionally for several years. A good man who has paid millions and millions in taxes through his success over the years. He,like many, is simply tired of WI being “represented” by a senator soft on terror, soft on criminals, down on anything entreprenurial and viewed as “way way out there” on many of the issues that Cheeseheads care about–outside of the craziness in Dane County, err I mean Madison.

      1. I don’t know if I can take another 9+ months of baseless attacks, Zach. I’m trying to remember how I handled 2008. I have a feeling I’ll have a lot of headaches this year.

        1. That’s kind of what I’m getting at; how much impact do Senators really have when it comes to being “tough on crime?”

          Perhaps if we were talking about a District Attorney race, then the whole “tough on crime thing” would be a much bigger deal.

  9. Mike, I mean this with great respect but…..

    The fact that Terrence Wall may or may not be a nice man has nothing at all to do with anything. The position he is seeking is for the US Senate, it’s not something to take lightly. I question anybody with that knid of money, when it comes to making any decision that may hurt there own business i’m pretty sure they will want to serve themselves. Both Russ Feingold and Dave westlake have a better shot at making an honest decision.

    I do dissagree with you though on Terrence Wall in general. I hear often that the average guy just doesn’t like him! I don’t know why this is but he just can’t gain support from the voters and he WILL loose the personal money he invests.

    My problem with Feingold isn’t what he HAS done….it’s what he HASN’T done!


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