Here’s a suggestion for Terrence Wall

Here’s a suggestion for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terrence Wall:

If you want to talk about how there are simply too few jobs in Wisconsin as you formally announce you’re running for the U.S. Senate, try taking your message to a crowd that could really use an influx of jobs, like folks in the city of Milwaukee. After all, the last time I checked (which was 30 seconds ago) there were over 50,000 residents of the city of Milwaukee who were unemployed, compared to less than 3,000 folks who are unemployed in New Berlin.

Terry, try taking the message to folks who really need to hear it, instead of sticking to the suburbs.


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2 thoughts on “Here’s a suggestion for Terrence Wall

  1. What, no criticism for holding his Madison area rally in Middleton? Or his Wausau area rally in Rothschild? I’m sure there are more unemployed people in Madison and Wausau. Are you really going to slam him for a campaign strategy decision of the locations to hold rallies?

    By that definition when Obama came to the state he should have gone to Waukesha County to talk about raising taxes instead of a crowd of college kids who don’t pay any.

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