Ten predictions for 2010

While I didn’t do too well with my 2009 predictions, I’m going to go ahead and make ten predictions for 2010:

  1. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will be the next governor for the state of Wisconsin, defeating Scott Walker by a margin of 51% to 49%.
  2. Sen. Russ Feingold will cruise to reelections against Republican Terrence Wall, winning by a margin of 54% to 46%.
  3. Super Bowl XLIV will pit the Indianapolis Colts against the Philadelphia Eagles, with the Colts defeating the Eagles.
  4. The Milwaukee Brewers will improve upon last season’s record, winning 86 games but still falling short of making the playoffs.
  5. Despite 2010 shaping up to be a bad year for incumbents, Democrats will maintain their majorities in both the House and the Senate, though they’ll have decidedly smaller margins with which to work in both chambers.
  6. Milwaukee’s homicide numbers will continue to stay near 20-year lows, despite Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn leaving Milwaukee for greener pastures.
  7. Rep. Gwen Moore will easily win reelection to the House, beating Republican challenger Dan Sebring by a margin of 65% to 35%.
  8. Not one liberal blogger will attend the “nonpartisan” Cheddarsphere Christmas party being held Sunday, January 3rd.
  9. Here in Cudahy, Mayor Ryan McCue will barely win reelection, defeating challenger Tony Day 50.3% to 49.7%.
  10. And last (but certainly not least), I’ll finally do the Polar Bear plunge.

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8 thoughts on “Ten predictions for 2010

  1. Just from an outsiders point of view. Why would you believe that McClueless would get re-elected after what he has done to Cudahy? But then again, people were stupid enough to re-elect Bush in 2004. Explain on why you think McCue would win again?

    1. Let me preface my comments by saying I won’t be voting for Mayor McCue. However, I think he’s going to end up winning because I think a good number of folks will vote for him simply because he’s the familiar name on the ballot, and because he can’t be counted out as a politician.

  2. Brewers with 86 wins – that’s a stretch, especially since they still have Suppan and now they signed a Jeff Suppan Jr in Randy Wolf…I’m thinking 75 wins and Macha is out the door by September.

    And what is a Cheddarsphere Christmas Party?

    1. Tom, I think Wolf will end up being a far better signing for the Brewers than Suppan was, and I’m sticking with my prediction of 86 wins.

      As for a Chaddarsphere Christmas Party, it’s a gathering of right-wing bloggers.

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