Inmates escape from Wisconsin prison using forged release paperwork

Last month, two inmates being held at Stanley Correctional Institution walked out the front gates of the institution to freedom. While that’s not necessarily newsworthy, what is worth mentioning is the fact that neither inmate was eligible to be released; they used forged release paperwork to gain their release. According to Dan Bice’s report of the incident, the two inmates were released after staffers at Stanley Correctional processed the inmates’ forged paperwork and let the two go. One of the men had as much as 50 years remaining on his sentence, and thankfully both men have been caught and are in custody. Curiously, the men were taken into custody when they reported to see their probation & parole agents, based on a tip from another inmate. What I can’t help but wonder is why either of the men would bother reporting to their P&P agents, since they clearly knew they weren’t supposed to be released from prison and that it was likely their agents would know they weren’t supposed to be released as well, since the agents are responsible for initiating prison release paperwork.

While there’s no indication that state employees intentionally helped the two inmates with their “early release,” it will be interesting to see what role friends or relatives of the two men played in assisting them, as it would take outside assistance in order for this to have happened.


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