Caviar and hummingbird wings or beer and brats?

Later today, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker will be hosting a posh campaign fundraiser (at $2,000 a table) along with former Floriday governor Jeb Bush, an event that will be closed to the press. As a press release issued by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin notes, Walker shouldn’t shy away from from having the press at his event:

“If Scott Walker wants to associate himself with the Bush legacy, he should not cower from the cameras,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate said Sunday. “Our brown bag supper Monday is wide open to the press. Why doesn’t Walker want the press inside the ballroom to witness him waltzing with Bush special interests? What do their caviar-covered mouths have to hide?”

A block away from the Pfister Hotel ballroom, Democrats will be eating brats and gyros and drinking real Milwaukee beverages at the Ouzo Cafe, and they’ll also be unveiling a new campaign to introduce the REAL Scott Walker to Wisconsin. Here are the specifics on the Walker-Bush Alternative Bash:

WHAT: Walker-Bush Alternative Bash
WHERE: Ouzo Cafe, 776 N. Milwaukee St.
WHEN: Monday, March 8, 5-8 p.m.
COST: $10 at the door or pay online now.

While Scott Walker, Jeb Bush and their rich friends and benefactors will be dining on caviar and champagne, come join Democrats as we enjoy brats, beverages, and gyros!


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3 thoughts on “Caviar and hummingbird wings or beer and brats?

  1. Mike,

    Why do you and fellow Democrats continue to hang onto the “Bush legacy”?
    Oh wait, the Democratic candidates offer so much more……. New ideas, no! Plans to cut taxes and balance the budget, No! Reduce the size of government, No! Get Wisconsinites back to work in non-government jobs, No! Stop spending Federal money like it’s free, No!

    I’d suggest you polish up your resume. You’ll be seeking a new career this fall.

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