Some thoughts on the 7th CD

Xoff over at Uppity Wisconsin and Mike H over at Letters in Bottles have excellent writeups on the race in the 7th Congressional district. As xoff notes, Democrats are trying hard to hand the Democratic nomination to State Sen. Julie Lassa, and he notes that while we’re not likely to see a contested Democratic primary, the Democratic Party, the voters, and the eventual nominee all would benefit from a real primary. Over at Letters in Bottles, Mike had Sen. Lassa pegged as a likely Democratic candidate even before she announced she was seeking the seat, and he also opined that he wouldn’t be surprised to see at least one local official or private citizen announce a run as well.

If I had to venture a guess on who’s likely to rain on Julie Lassa’s parade and oppose her in the Democratic primary, my guess would be former State Senator (and Lt. Governor candidate) Kevin Shibilski, who according to WisPolitics is reaching out to Democratic activists around the 7th district as he considers a bid for the Democratic nomination. As previously noted by xoff, Shibilski made a bundle of money after leaving public service, so his ability to self-fund a campaign, along with his background, would make him a formidable opponent for Sen. Lassa.

Personally, I’d love to see Shibilski – or someone else – run against Sen. Lassa, because the Democratic voters in the 7th Congressional district deserve to have a choice on who they want to serve them in the House of Representatives, instead of having a candidate forced down their throats by party bosses in Madison and Washington, D.C..


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