Paul Ryan’s Photo Op

H/T Democrumudgeon! Speaking of things that need to be shared, this definitely qualifies!

Paul Ryan (R – Wall St.) had his 42nd birthday and his many admirers at Fox “news” could not let the occasion go by without letting the congressman ( who used to live in Janesville) know how much they love him.

I am not very sure how to take this:

* is it a sign of respect for how much of a fan of Wall St. that Paul Ryan is?

* Is the fact that he wont eat it a sign that he is truly living up the the saying “Let them eat cake!”?

* Did Fox put the dollar sign on it because that is the only way to get his attention?

* Is he so arrogant that he does not think he will ever lose so photo ops like this will not matter?

* Except for eating a corn dog at the county fair, Ryan could not have had a worse picture taken.

* Does Chris Wallace have a neutral bone in his body? His father must be so ashamed!


* Does Ryan “not eat sweets” because they interfere with the taste of a $350 bottle of wine?

* Here is the perfect campaign picture for Paul Ryan this year:


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3 thoughts on “Paul Ryan’s Photo Op

  1. I just learned, after seeing a friend’s picture in front of the Weinermobile and wondering if I could find the appearance schedule, that Paul Ryan was once a Weinermobile driver. So, there’s your straight line for jokes, folks.

  2. Couldn’t they have used the $10 spent on that cake paying down a portion of Obama’s $4 million dollar tax payer funded vacation?

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