Project Sheila: Helping progressive women run for office

The candidacy of Hillary Clinton and the election of #45 has motivated more women to run for office.  While many women are stepping up and putting their names on ballots across the country, other women are asking how they can help these women succeed in their elections. One women’s answer is “Project Sheila.

Eliza Cussen, a digital strategist from Australia, founded Project Sheila earlier this year.  It started as a way to help new female candidates with their campaigns.  It has grown into a “social enterprise designed to help thousands.”.

From the website:
“At its heart, Project Sheila is a tool for collaboration. It links up candidates with emerging feminist developers, designers, and web producers. Candidates and consultants work one-on-one to create a beautiful campaign website that helps raise money, recruit supporters, and change the world.”

The great thing about Project Sheila is their sliding scale.  They want to help as many women candidates as possible.  If a candidate is approved into the program, her campaign is charged a production fee starting at $0 and going up to around $800.”

If you are a woman or gender non-conforming person running for office at any level, I encourage you to check out Project Sheila.



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2 thoughts on “Project Sheila: Helping progressive women run for office

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Wendy!

    It is not irrelevant to mankind that God, nature, whatever, determined that the female species would bring forth and nurture homo sapiens(thinking human being) unto maturity.

    I accept there will be some variation of the two sexes as there is in all of God’s and nature’s creation.

    And especially, thank you, my wife, Lenore12.

    1. How does Sheila connect somehow with “Wendy”? I’m just not in on the inside, I guess.

      The “female species,” what, that’s just weird?!(I believe in God, nature, but have problems with the whatever). As long as we’re trying to divide the human race into segments and discriminate, I choose the human race, whether being in Milwaukee or LaCrosse.

      Always love females, but relationships are a two-way street.

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