When Voting Present Results In You NOT Being Present!

I was just going to let the Speaker of the House circus play itself out without comment. But this is just stupid. Instead of actually winning over his colleagues who were opponents to his candidacy for Speaker, newly elected Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy simply traded away his last bit of self-respect for their votes of present. So by voting present his last six adversaries were essentially recognized as ‘not present’ and the number of votes needed to win was effectively reduced…

House rules require the winner to receive the majority of House members who are present AND voting FOR a candidate.

So his opponents could save face by not voting for him but pat themselves on the back for ending the four day stalemate. huh??

I understand why this would appeal to members of the House and seem expedient. But I think it is really important the our representatives are ON THE RECORD for their votes in Congress…I think this voting ‘present’ dodge should be prohibited. Members should have to vote yea or nay or actually be absent the floor. They need to take a stand…or otherwise…why are they there?

So the final vote McCarthy 216 and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries 212!


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