Jim Cramer gets excoriated by John Stewart

This is actually kind of painful…here’s part one of Jon Stewart’s interview with Jim Cramer:

Parts two and three of the interview can be found here.


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2 thoughts on “Jim Cramer gets excoriated by John Stewart

  1. What if found ironic was that a “fake news show anchor” was the one to remind the “fourth estate” (media) what their responsibility is in a democracy. The responsibility is to investigate and inform the masses about the facts, so the public may in return do their responsibility and require their government to set policies and regulations that benefit the public.

    As Jon reminded Jim Cramer….”the song is not about you” specifically, but your medium/profession holds a responsibility to factually inform the public not just sell entertainment and do favors for your buddies on Wall Street.

    Thank god for the jesters who can call out the king.

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