Schadenfreude: Tommy Thompson Edition

They're treading on you! They're treading on you!

Over at Red State, there is rumor of a coup d’etat in the Wisconsin GOP.

(NOTE: I will not link to RedState, but here is a URL for the article you can copy and paste:

The Wisconsin Tea Party movement is not gelling to Tommy Thompson who presumed he would have an easy nomination to be Wisconsin’s next Republican Senator. Tea Party activists have rallied against him in Wisconsin and now the state party seems poised to shut out a group that has been so helpful in battling the recall efforts there.

According to several people I’ve spoken to on the ground there, the Wisconsin GOP is getting ready to disqualify hundreds of tea party activists as delegates to the state convention.


The fallout to this could be huge with the Wisconsin GOP burning bridges to a core group of tea party activists who’ve poured a lot of energy into defending GOP gains. To save Tommy Thompson, the Wisconsin GOP just might be throwing everyone else overboard.

It does seem odd that the Wisconsin GOP are willing to sacrifice the vast horde of zombie Tea Party foot-soldiers to protect Tommy Thompson.  Perhaps the Tea Party needs to become a real political party of their own.  Come on, guys, are you gonna take this?

For heaven’s sake, they’re treading on you!!!!!  Do something about it!  

Second Amendment remedy! Second Amendment remedy!


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5 thoughts on “Schadenfreude: Tommy Thompson Edition

  1. If you use REL=”NOFOLLOW” in the HTML link, then the search engines should ignore it.

  2. Not widely used, but “rev=vote-against” allows you to link without out passing along juice. In theory.

  3. GOP knows it has tea-party votes. They don’t want them canvassing or politicizing, however, as it ignites the opposition and sounds stupid.

    1. GOP knows it has tea-party votes.

      The risk isn’t that they’ll switch sides, the risk is they won’t show up to the polls…

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