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We here at blogging blue have set up a tip line. We know this is a crazy time in Wisconsin and many of you might know things that need to be shared with the general public but cant because of your position or employment. Feel free to share anything you think the readers of BloggingBlue and/or the citizens of Wisconsin need to know. We promise to look into everything(cant promise to write everything) that you send us. We also promise anonymity if needed(as the law allows). You can see the link above(Send us your tips). We look forward to hearing from you!


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2 thoughts on “Your tips!

  1. My grandfather sold horses, mules and hay to the crews building US HWY 51. No worries. Nobody’s grandkid will ever have to tell stories about grandpa selling gravel, sand and concrete to build the supertrain in Wisconsin.

  2. No one with “hot knowledge” of a whistle-blowing Deep Throat nature would be happy with the level of non-assurance and non-security in this arrangement.
    And!!! if I was a Republican operative hungry for revenge over that fake David Koch phone call, I’d keep ya hoppin’ or try to punk you with some awesomely false info.
    Seems like rocky ground to me…

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