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  1. On a individual level, it is possible to discriminate the majority – white, male, and straight. However on a institutional level, that’s nearly impossible considering they have all the power to do that. However on the institutional level that is built into the normal working relationships everyday without thinking, it’s almost impossible to discriminate against those people. It’s merely “business as usual.” White straight men have all the power in that respect so to say just because a black man is president doesn’t mean anything is going to change when the whites are still a majority.

    Privilege is not a bad thing, it’s something how you’re born with – what cards you’re given so to speak. Example: You’re born white. You’re born male. Your born with that sexuality in you. And you may be born into a upper middle class family. There is no ‘war’ on white males, we just want people to have the same rights and be brought to the same level as them. We should be allowed the same level of education, no backhanded statements of “You’re intelligent for your kind.” — when you went through hoops of perfection just so you would not be seen as “one of them lazy government leeches”.

    Overall, it can hurt them on an individual level – but it will never hurt them on an institutional level and an individual level simultaneously.

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