This is What Contempt Looks Like:

Here is video of paul ryan(R-Wall St.) and his wife getting ready to walk in the labor day parade in Janesville, WI. A constituent comes up to pink slip paul and asks a legitimate question.

Q: Do I need to work for $1 an hour to be competitive with China?

paul ryan: Would you like some candy? Packer/Badger Schedule?

The look on his face is pure contempt that this plebe is bothering him. You can also see the look on his wife’s face that she can’t wait to shower the smell of the lower class off of her. This is who the people of the 1st Congressional district of Wisconsin want representing them in Congress?

Also be sure to check out how he holds on for dear life to the stroller using his kids as a human shield. What a brave warrior he is.

H/T Sly for the video.


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22 thoughts on “This is What Contempt Looks Like:

  1. Two things: 1. Football schedules & candy courtesy of your elected officials? Why aren’t they passing out the “reader’s digest” version of their bills, ideology? I guess we know.
    2. “Let’s have a parade”? Ryan should be run out of office for his lack of people skills alone! Elected officials should not expect privacy on public streets in a Labor Day parade- Do they really think we just want a version of Mr. and Mrs. American Family on parade? If so, they should be in formal attire waving atop a rose garlanded float. “Focus on having a good time”?
    At 3:11: Is that a private security quard or a Ryan campaign volunteer “enforcer”.

  2. First, I am amazed that he can’t just shut up. Candy? He thinks that’s what Labor Day is about? Second, this is his hometown! Wow!

  3. He doesnt think Labor Day is about Candy he was mocking the guy asking questions. You can tell by the little smirk on his face. Its like the nerd in high school said hi to the cute girl and paul ryan tries to play the popular kid and mocks and bullies him. Pure disgusting.

  4. Well…he got elected 5x so I guess most of the people disagree with the nits ambushing him at the parade. I think he is showing quite a bit of character in participating in the parade knowing that he would be harassed.

    Just like BO once said…he won so get over it.

    1. Character? Yeah, it takes a lot of “character” to act like the concerns of your constituents are like flies to be flicked off and that they should “make an appointment”. Let them eat candy. It was a LABOR day parade. It seems that we’ve forgotten the reason behind that holiday. Ryan sure has.

    2. @ Dan Eisenberg

      “Well…he got elected 5x so I guess most of the people disagree with the nits ambushing him at the parade.”

      And then he revealed himself for exactly who he is THIS year. With ANOTHER election coming up in a little over the year, Paul (“I’ve got a voucher for you, oldtimer/Hope you’ve taken your heart medicine/Avoiding constituents like the plague”) Ryan just isn’t going to be THAT re-electable anymore, Danny Boy.

      With respect to the “character” issue, my misguided wingnut brother, I think that you’re giving Ryan WAY too much credit. He had his children, their stroller and his eye-rolling, “Don’t stand SO close to me, you, you, riff-raff”, wife running interference for him. Yeah, he’s a real “man”, Dan, wearing his arrogance, condescension and disdain for the common man and his constituents on his sleeve the way that he did, a final line of defense against a constituency from whom he now distances himself in every way, a rich, “Let them eat cake/candy” asshole with little regard, and absolutely no compassion for, for the little guy.

      Take the partisan blinders off, foo’.

      Like I just said a minute ago, Big D, members of the House of Representatives are scrutinized EVERY two years. Ryan and his rich boy, “screw the poor, the middle class and senior citizens” arrogance will soon be toast.

      So, enjoy your wingnut wet dream about Ryan while it lasts.

    3. Yeah, just like Ryan showed “character” when he made a joke about hoping a 71 year-old man who was being arrested had taken his high blood pressure medication.

      That’s not character; it’s disgusting.

    4. “Just like BO once said…he won so get over it. “

      So tell me….when are conservatives going to “get over” President Obama being elected and let him do the job he was sent to Washington to do?

      Yeah, I thought so.

  5. Tax the rich? Shame on Paul Ryan? Put corporate interest first? What a bunch of children. I can’t wait for the day that unions are totally out of our lives. Plenty of jobs out there to tie you over until you get the one job you truely want. Great job Paul Ryan, great job!

      1. Must mean all of those fast food restaurant jobs Rick Perry has “created” as a part of his “I know how to create jobs” economic miracle in Texas, huh?

        Corey, just one more delusional wingnut with partisan blinders on and/or his head up his ass.

    1. @ Corey

      “Great job Paul Ryan, great job!”

      Based on what, foo’ ?

      He’s running interference in Congress for the wealthy, corporations/big business and the Koch brothers, doing his level best to screw members of the middle class like you, and you’re glad-handing him. You’re an idiot, Corey. An idiot. Exactly the kind of rube/dupe that Ryan and the Kochs rely on to advance their anti-poor, anti-middle class and anti-senior citizen agenda.

      Be sure to wear your helmet if you go outside, huh?

    2. If you’re not a millionaire, you’re a dope because you’re voting against your own best interests.

    3. Corey, make sure you check your resume a little more carefully than your comments. Coupla typos and use errors there.

  6. Please note: at the end of the video, the police tell the protesters they MUST keep moving. If you protest in Janesville, make sure you ask police officers saying this for a copy of the law/city ordinance … because NO such ordinance exists. In Janesville you may protest – even set up a stationary display – on any PUBLIC sidewalk, park, etc. as long as it does not impede access and you will be in compliance with existing ordinances.

  7. Ah….,but Ryan has union support: The Carpenters and Joiners Union contributed $10,000 to Ryan’s campaign for the 2010 election cycle and another $5,000 to the 2011-2012 campaign.

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