6 thoughts on “The right calls for the uninsured to die…

  1. An interesting group the Tea Party. This week some in the crowd yelled that a thirty year old who chose not to buy health insurance ( they believed in having such a choice) should be allowed to dye if he was stricken with cancer. Last week they applauded the extreme use of the death penalty in Texas. This is a group that most members claim to be “pro life.” It makes one think, and also get a headache.

  2. In talking about this, Joan McCarter over at the Daily Kos observed that the Neanderthals screaming, “Yeah, let ‘im die”, were probably the very people who were clamoring to keep Terry Schiavo alive by any means, EVEN (*dun, dun, dun*) intervention by the Federal government.

    Let people die. Let houses burn. Sociopathic, hypocritical morons.

    Guess we now know what a “death panel” actually looks like, a bunch of torch-carrying wingnuts frothing at the mouth and screaming, “Let ‘im die”, attended by pandering, sychophantic Republican Presidential candidates.

    From what Bible do these Bible-toting “Christians” read exactly?!

    To borrow a turn of phrase from Nancy Grace (*shuddddder*), who may actually be in a position to know, “the Devil is dancing in Hell right now.”

  3. Teabaggers and wingnuts, like any other kind of mindless zealots, either aren’t aware that the whole world is watching, with hearts and minds being instantly changed as it does, or, in their blind arrogance, they don’t care.

    The teabagger/wingnut death spiral continues.

    The dustbin of history awaits. And, if Nancy Grace is right about there being a Hell, something else may await, as well.

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