up to $50,000 a month

One of the gasp inducing facts that have come out about Hunter Biden’s position on the board of directors of Ukrainian energy company, Burisma Holdings, was his supposed salary: up to $50,000 per month.

Now no matter what you think of his involvement in Ukraine…or what the outcome of all of the turmoil is…let’s do some math! Ready?

$50,000 x 12 = $600,000.

But nobody has a problem with the head of GM making $22,000,000 per year.

And yes, a board member isn’t the CEO, but we don’t seem to have a problem with income inequality in this country except the one time that we do. And if you have a big problem with it because Mr. Biden is related to an elected official…I’d love to talk with you about it over a beer…I’ll see if I can get us a table at the Trump Hotel.


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2 thoughts on “up to $50,000 a month

  1. The ratio of GM CEO pay to the median GM employee salary is now about 280-to-1.

    Bernie Sanders proposal is that the corporate tax rate of 21% be increased an additional 2% for a ratio of greater than 200 times. Then 3% additional for a 300-to-1 ratio, etc.

    Not enough in my opinion.

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