So wait….Scott Walker ally Chris Abele seriously tried to tie Chris Larson to Walker?!?!?

In a bizarre turn of events, incumbent Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has started running a new ad attacking challenger Chris Larson for having ties to Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

No more Mr. Nice Guy for Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

Abele, who spent about $2 million on an upbeat campaign in the primary election, launched his first TV attack ad against his challenger, state Sen. Chris Larson, on Wednesday. Larson narrowly edged Abele in the primary, and the two square off again in next month’s general election.

In the ad, Abele says that Larson “gobbled up money from big banks that caused the foreclosure crisis, then voted their way.” This is apparently a reference to Larson’s receipt of a $1,300 donation from JP Morgan Chase’s political action committee and $1,300 in contributions from a top Associated Bank official.

Then Abele’s ad tries to tie Larson, a Milwaukee Democrat, to Republican Scott Walker for his votes on some banking issues.

Here’s the ad in question, if you’re interested in watching.

What’s truly laughable about Abele’s attack ad attempting to tie Chris Larson to Scott Walker is the fact that Abele himself – who purports to be a Democrat – has some pretty close ties to Gov. Walker, as the photo below shows. In the photo Abele can be seen smiling ear to ear as Gov. Walker signs AB 85 into law. You might remember AB 85 as the bill that cut the pay and terms of office for Milwaukee County Supervisors, among other things.

Chris Abele attends Scott Walker bill signing

The fact is there’s only one candidate running for Milwaukee County Executive with close ties to Scott Walker and Republicans in the Legislature, and that candidate is Chris Abele.


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3 thoughts on “So wait….Scott Walker ally Chris Abele seriously tried to tie Chris Larson to Walker?!?!?

  1. Thanks, Zach. This ad is particularly nasty. Now instead of telling positive lies about himself and his administration, “the county executive” (as if this is a royal title) is desperately trying to cast Larson in a bad light. Quite expected since Abele was bested in the primary. I’m surprised he proudly claimed responsibility for the ad in the small print.

    1. I wasn’t surprised at all Abele’s campaign went negative, and I’m not surprised that Abele is relying on ads to win him the election. Despite all Abele’s money and ads, I believe the election is going to be won by the candidate that works the hardest, and thus far that candidate has proven to be Chris Larson.

  2. Just reading the previous comments maje my heart glad. It’s good too know that people see right through Abele. BRAVO!

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