Why won’t Walker answer his phone?!?

Responding to criticisms from Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann that fellow Republican candidate Scott Walker is neglecting his duties as Milwaukee County Executive in favor of his gubernatorial campaign, Walker’s campaign manager Keith Gilkes made it clear Walker is available 24 hours a day:

“He’s got a cell phone that he can be reached at any place, any time,” Gilkes said in an interview. “And he can make a decision at any point that needs to be made.”

But while Keith Gilkes says Scott Walker’s available to do his job 24 hours a day, Scott Walker himself has made it clear he doesn’t answer his phone when he doesn’t want to now, and he’ll continue to not answer his cell phone if he’s elected governor:

“Whether it’s riding a Harley or hunting, I don’t answer my phone, because that’s the exact reason I go hunting or ride Harleys…As governor you want to find me, you’re not going to find me when I am hunting or fishing or riding a Harley, because that’s part of the refuge of getting away.”

Something tells me the various parts of the Walker campaign need to get their stories straight, because Scott Walker can’t be available 24-7 as Keith Gilkes says if he’s ignoring his phone as Scott Walker says.

This is just another example of how off message and rudderless Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign really, and it’s just another example of why Scott Walker just can’t put Mark Neumann out of his misery in the Republican gubernatorial primary.


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    1. I’m certainly loving the GOP gubernatorial primary, because it’s always better to have a hotly contested primary. Not only are contested primaries good political theater, but they’re also good for ensuring the best candidates make it to the general election (in theory).

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