Robin Vos Doing His Best Lucy Impersonation!

If you watch the news Boss Vos apparently is having some issues keeping the troops in line but here’s the bottom line on his current election philosophy:

So is Charlie Brown = Gableman?


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6 thoughts on “Robin Vos Doing His Best Lucy Impersonation!

  1. Ed, aren’t you a little curious about the 569,277 voters that have a 1/1/1918 registration date (115,252 of them voted in November 2020!)? I didn’t even know that we had over a half a million 100 year olds in the state! Do ya think there’s a link between good cheese and longevity? Is the tasty Old Fashioned the elixir of life? To hell with vaccines, just give anyone a hunk of colby and a Bourbon Old Fashioned sour and send them on their way!

      1. You are correct, George. Anyone that points to this as a direct example of voter fraud is treading on very thin ice. However, if someone is pointing to this as an example of a careless lack of database maintenance, well then…Touchdown! (or at least Field Goal!). If you can then link it to colby cheese and Bourbon whiskey, that would be like a 2 point conversion.

  2. Most databases have a default value for items missing in a column it’s standard practice, not careless maintenance

    1. No George, ALL databases have default values. Default or initialization values are inserted into fields when a record is created and the value of the field is unknown. During maintenance cycles, databases may be re-indexed or defragmented, but they should also be updated with a focus on finding missing values for important fields. I would think one of the more important fields in a voter database would be birth and registration dates. I’d even go so far as to think they would be required, but what do I know. I prefer my data files flat, up to date, and tilde delimited.

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