Blogging Blue’s “Ten in ’10”

Just a quick announcement….I’ve updated Blogging Blue’s “Ten in ’10” to include worthy candidates like Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson, who’s challenging State Sen. Jeff Plale, as well as Oak Creek Common Council President Tom Michalski, who’ll be looking to unseat State Rep. Mark Honadel this fall.

If you’d like to make a donation to any of the worth candidates on our list, just look to your left and make a donation!


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5 thoughts on “Blogging Blue’s “Ten in ’10”

  1. Zach

    The Peggy West Fiasco proves you don’t need much to be a county supervisor.

    Why on Earth are you raising money against Jeff Plale?

    Check out his Record….100% on Labor issues, Conservation, and Education in my very quick look.

    granted Plale and D sass aren’t perfect, but we don’t need to spend time and money to primary them with so many dems in real trouble!!

    1. 100% on conservation, except in the case of the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

      Supports concealed carry of firearms, pro-life, and hasn’t really done much to tackle the transit issues in his district.

      Ultimately I don’t expect the folks I vote for to vote the way I’d vote 1005 of the time, but Chris Larson’s a lot closer to representing what I believe in than Sen. Plale.

  2. If it were Republicans making these same kind of points, wouldn’t someone here be making comments about a “purity test”, make a snarky comment about “big tents” and how this was going to lead to the party shriveling up and dying?

  3. 100% on education?
    -2006 voted with Repubs to expand vouchers

    100% on conservation?
    -weakened existing targets for renewable energy by saying burning trash is green/clean energy

    his top donors, Jim Walton, Richard Strong & Richard Devos all max out $25,000 to RNC and are arch-repubs…

    how quick was your quick search? he gets 80% of his $$ out of district, and was hand chosen to enter politics by his old boss Richard Strong, hedge-fund tycoon that stole millions from investors while lining his pockets…

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