Who’s Side Are they On? They’re on the side of big…

The DNC has released another great web ad, showcasing the luminaries of the Republican party, touting their fealty to their paymasters – big business, the oil companies, insurance companies and Wall Street. Who’s Side are they on?

Who’s side would Mark Neumann, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson or Dave Westlake be on?

  • Big insurance companies?
  • Big road builders?
  • Big builders?
  • Big business?
  • Big banks?
  • Big donors?
  • Big religion?
  • Big mouths?
  • Bigots?

How about asking yourself who will be on your side?  Who will be on the “small people’s side”?


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10 thoughts on “Who’s Side Are they On? They’re on the side of big…

  1. I don’t think it’s as simple as big vs. small but I do admit some Republican officials manage to disgust me more than I’d imagine lately.

  2. Republicans supporting Big Business is not news but then everything old is new again.

    I don’t like this advertisement in any case. Everytime I see a political ad it is slamming something at me. Can the RNC or the DNC make a point with subtlety or at least indirectly?

    If only we could have Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movie excerpts in political ads. Something that a mature and worldly person would see the political point but an 18 year old would have to have it explained to him/her. Jimmy Stewart, too, maybe. How about a few Will Roger lines and then superimpose him over the opponent and some windbag statement he/she made?

    Bring back clever political ads, please. America can use a change, again.

  3. What happened to all your ads against Guantanamo Bay, the war, and General “Betrayus”? I really miss those. Please explain why you never talk about those issues anymore, even though they haven’t gone away.

    Don’t forget that insurance companies, road builders, home builders, businesses, banks, etc. need to be successful for the “small people” (as you say) to be successful. It’s called the PRIVATE ECONOMY and its success will actually mean something, not an artificial government stimulus.

    As for big donors, big religion, big mouths, and bigots — Democrats have plenty of those too.

  4. I didn’t coin the term small people – it came from the Swedish head of BP. As an entrepreneur, I’m all for “business success”, but I’m not into “business excess” which is what many of the “bigs” in my posting reflects.

    In terms of Democrats with big mouths, big religion and bigotry; you are right that they are out there. When I find a story worth commenting about from this faction I’ll be sure to do so.

    1. Shhhh squidknuckle, they don’t mention that kind of stuff over here. If it’s not a DNC video or talking point, look elsewhere.

      1. I have no idea what Squid is talking about when he references AZ – is this a reference to Walker’s flip flop on SB 1070 or possibly a reference to whether he supports the AZ desire to change the Constitution to remove citizenship rights from American born children of illegal immigrants?.

        Forgot you’re always a barrel of laughs, if you are so unhappy with the coverage here, there is always a simple solution, don’t read or watch it.

  5. Thanks forgot. What in the world does this have to do with this posting? This is a totally different topic.

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