Milwaukee must be doing something right

Despite constant criticism about how Milwaukee is a terrible place to do oh so many things, such as operating a business, the city has to be doing something right in the tourism and attraction department. Over the years, Milwaukee has done itself well and continues to build upon what success it has achieved. Over the past few days, two big announcements from Hollywood put Milwaukee in the limelight – Transformers 3 will have the Milwaukee Art Museum and Tower Automotive as sets and now American Idol will be doing auditions at the Bradley Center. Both will take place in July, making Downtown Milwaukee a bustling center for the entire month when you include the various festivals and Summerfest.

Those are great for Milwaukee. Usually when something goes well, the leader (in this case, Mayor Barrett) generally gets the credit. It’s unfortunate that most of the time, however, we’ll end up seeing politicians tear apart our great city in ads to earn brownie points with voters. Will Milwaukee’s slow-but-sure ability to transform from rust belt, blue collar & manufacturing to tourist destination, white collar & high tech be noted? Most likely not…and that’s a true shame.


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  1. Wow, Greg, in a show of unity I might have to take back a mean thing or 2 I’ve said about the suburbs!

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