Company picks “tax hell” Milwaukee to relocate

The City of Milwaukee announced yesterday that American Micro Detection Systems, or AMDS, has chosen Milwaukee for its manufacturing and support operations:

The company is looking to move in to a facility at the Reed Street yards or the tannery in the Walker’s Point neighborhood.
The California-based company builds equipment that detects impurities and contamination in drinking water and waste water. The president of the company showed WISN 12 News the device that would be made here and how it works.

“Water goes in one side, and water comes out the other. We apply an electrical potential to these two pins. We shine X-rays in this angle and detect X-rays coming out this angle. Very simple and straightforward,” said Bob Keville, President of AMDS.

The company could employ as many as 400 workers if sales increase, and the company hopes to have their facility in Milwaukee up and running by June 2011.

This is certainly great news for the City of Milwaukee, and it’s yet another example of the fact that the City of Milwaukee is a good place to do business, contrary to what so many conservatives would have us believe.


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3 thoughts on “Company picks “tax hell” Milwaukee to relocate

  1. Wow a company that specializes in contaminated water..chooses Milwaukee to re-locate in!!! is it just me or is this hysterical!!! The land of the Deep Tunnel and Millions of gallons of dumping every time it rains!! They obviously see a growth business here!

    Welcome to City that brought Crypto-Sporidium into the American dialogue!!!

    1. And I’m wondering what kind of a deal was given to them to build here. Did they get the same kind of targeted deal Talgo received or was it actually because Milwaukee and Wisconsin has a naturally friendly business environment?

  2. I believe they’re coming here due to their deal with Brown Deer-based Badger Meter, which has a significant investment in the company. One of the terms of said investment was that they look and build a facility in the Milwaukee area.

    So rather than a sweet business deal made out by politicians, this one was more along the lines of Richard Meeusen working on his vision to make Milwaukee a hub/magnet for water-related businesses.

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