Brett Davis is a grade-A hypocrite

In a recent press release, Republican Lt. Governor candidate Brett “Don’t call me a moderate anymore” Davis said it was “absurd” that the Wisconsin Department of Corrections is using paying for driver’s licenses and state-issued identification cards for prison inmates. However, while Brett Davis has busied himself attacking the program that enables inmates to get the driver’s licenses or ID cards, what he conveniently forgot to tell folks is that he actually voted for the state budget that put the new inmate driver’s license/ID card policy into effect. If Brett Davis were really concerned with using tax dollars to help inmates get driver’s licenses and iD cards, then perhaps he wouldn’t have voted in favor of the budget that put the policy into effect.

Now maybe Brett Davis didn’t read the entire state budget before voting on it, or perhaps he didn’t care what was in the budget, so long as a few soybean threshers found their way to his Assembly District, but the fact is, Brett Davis’s newfound opposition to tax dollars being used to provide driver’s licenses and ID cards to inmates is hypocrisy, plain and simple.


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4 thoughts on “Brett Davis is a grade-A hypocrite

  1. Just so we’re perfectly clear on this, you’re position is that any elected official who votes to pass a bill – even omnibus & budget bills cannot speak out against any of the individual elements of the bill after the fact. Gotcha.

    1. No, my position is that if Rep. Davis had such a problem with the provision, why is this the first we’re hearing of it, now that he needs to pander to the conservative base to win the Lt. Governor election?

      What’s more, if Rep. Davis really had a problem with this provision back when it was passed into law, why didn’t he work to remove it from the state budget? Perhaps it’s because he was too busy being bought off with promises of soybean threshers for his district.

  2. Brett Davis seems to have his share of flaws. I agree that if he was so wholly against this, he should have done something about it. That’s what makes him a hypocrite. I don’t know that voting for a budget that contains thousands of items, including one you are against, makes you a hypocrite.

  3. I ran across this blog post where the author says that Brett Davis rented a house that was infested with 300-500 bats to his five friends and him in Madison. The author said that he got sick with a lung infection from the guano and that all of them had to get expensive rabies shots.

    He also said that Davis did not deal with the situation and would not cover all of their medical bills and other costs.

    The pictures that show the condition of the house are absolutely disgusting.

    Here is the link:

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