Congratulations, Jill Bader!

I’d like to congratulate Jill Bader, the Communications Director for Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, who was named “The Worst Person in the World” on tonight’s “Countdown With Keith Olbermann” for a tweet she made earlier today which linked to President Barack Obama’s purported response to an anti-high speed rail website set up by Walker’s campaign. Here’s the tweet in question:

Interestingly enough, the link in Bader’s tweet didn’t send readers to to read some pithy critique of the plan to build a high speed rail line between Milwaukee and Madison, but instead it linked to a video of a group of largely African-American dancers dancing to “C’mon’n Ride It (The Train)” by the Quad City DJ’s. Shortly after Bader’s tweet, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin issued a press release attacking the racial undertones of the tweet, and not surprisingly, Bader offered an “explanation” for her tweet, chalking it up to a case of mistaken linking.

However, thanks to her tweet, Jill Bader can add being named one of the “Worst Persons in the World” by Keith Olbermann to her resume, as she was given that honor during tonight’s broadcast of “Countdown.” Considering Jill Bader’s in charge of Scott Walker’s campaign communications, she should try to do a better job of communicating without making a complete horse’s hind-end of herself.


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20 thoughts on “Congratulations, Jill Bader!

  1. Good grief… will the perpetually aggrieved please raise your hand? There was nothing racial about the intent of the choice of video.

    If I was Bader, I would have stood my ground and mocked those who tried to suggest the link to the video was anything other than a choice of song and the ridiculous looking 80’s people.

    If anything, the only ones offended should be the producers of that video for having been mocked for what, I’m sure they thought at the time, was a groovin’ track with hip cats dancin’!

    1. As my wife pointed out, that video’s from 1995, not the 1980’s.

      As to your point about there being nothing racial about the intent of the choice of video, how exactly do you know what Jill Bader and Michael Brickman’s intent really was? However, if you want to take the racial issue out of it, let’s talk about what “ridin’ the train” means in the context of the video. I’m willing to bet the song’s not about riding an actual honest to goodness choo-choo train…

  2. Any time you can make it to Overblowns low rated show it means you have done something positive to annoy the MOST ANNOYING LIBERAL IN THE WORLD! Great Job JILL!

  3. did that person just say “hip cats dancin’” ???

    and now I am offended. People did not look ridiculous in the 80s. Okay, maybe a little, but ridiculous in an awesome kinda way. But anyhooooo – no one has said “Hip Cats” since Elvis movies were making their first runs at the downtown Bijou and Soda Jerks weren’t the psychotic unSubs with Cola fetishes they would have to be today. Good Gravy, Grampaw!

  4. Was/is Jill Bader dumb?


    Racist? Debatable. However, the overblown nature of this is a bit ridiculous.

    I really wish the 24 hour media cycle would stop, because the move towards the all mighty buck has lowered media integrity, standards, and brought forth a swirl of rank idiocy that has completely lowered the the level of decourse in our nation.

    It’s a shame.
    Can we actually say the world is being served by this trend?

    1. I’m still trying to figure out exactly why this is so bad? How exactly was it offensive? Other than the song itself being offensive to the ears of anyone with taste, I just don’t get the outrage. Seems like just another example of manufactured outrage to try & make points.

  5. Jill Bader’s choice of weblink is so OBVIOUSLY racist that to deny it is to show your own racism. Time to educate yourselves, take some tolerance training, and wake-up! The stupidity of the choice of video the “Communications Director” – remember her position now folks speaks to either her complete lack of knowledge of the subject at hand: bailout money for high speed rail, or an overt racist attack of Obama personally. If you can’t see that you need to go back to school and further your education.

  6. You can tell the GOPs know in their hearts that we’re right when we call out this race-baiting, because they’re saying “this isn’t a big deal, it’s a lame joke,” etc. It’s the same weak game they play when Rushbo or Beck play the race card and get exposed for it.

    I grew up in suburban Milwaukee, and I know exactly where Bader, Walker and co. were coming from. It’s a complete slime move, but not surprising in the least given the crew we’re talking about. After all, suburban elitism and self-crucifixion is what they owe their entire careers to.

  7. It is racist because a progressive says so. This is one of their desperate attempts to keep division alive in this country by playing the race card Om every issue.

  8. Disconscious racism is an uncritical habit of the mind which prevents racists from even recognizing what is or is not racist, as evidenced by many of today’s comments.

  9. When the left gets desperate it always comes down to the playin the race card. It’s really gotten old…

  10. I always find it funny when white people say they are not racists. When you have to ask why is it racist, your a racist!

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