Westlake subject of lawsuit

As was first pointed out by an astute reader, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake is the subject of a recently filed lawsuit in Jefferson County Circuit Court. Westlake and his business, High IQ LLC, are being sued by Fawaad Kahn of Streamwood, Illinois. When reached for comment on the suit, Westlake indicated my email was the first he was hearing of the suit, but I’m sure more information will be forthcoming about the nature of the suit.

It will be interesting to see what – if any – impact this has on Westlake’s U.S. Senate campaign.

EDIT: Dave Umhoefer of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more details about the lawsuit against Westlake.


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5 thoughts on “Westlake subject of lawsuit

  1. Interesting. So that’s the business that he runs. It’s a printer supply company that’s been in operation since 2006. The address listed at the website is actually a box at the local UPS store here in town. There is no “storefront”. Not that there’s a problem with any of that. There are hundreds of thousands of small businesses in our great land and they all deserve their chance at success.

    But this guy is running as a “businessman”. Which implies a certain level of success. Because if you are aspiring to high office, you should be successful. And maybe he is, but we just don’t know. Which is a problem. People like Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina can run on their business credentials because we know what they did. With Westlake we know nothing.

    Being from the same town, I pay attention to what goes on around here. In the 15 years I’ve lived here, Westlake has never had a public presence – he has never run for any office (mayor, city council, school board) nor have even served on any public committee. And yet we’re supposed to believe that he has what it takes to deal with the power brokers in Washington.

    With credentials so thin, it brings back around to a question that’s been nagging me for some time: Just what, exactly, is this guy trying to do? There’s just too much that’s not adding up.

    1. Rich, turns out there’s a lot to this story….Westlake’s partner in the business, Fawaad Kahn, is alleging Westlake misused company funds from a small business loan for personal use, and he also calls Westlake’s book-keeping slipshod.

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