So it was Weiner’s weiner after all…

After days spent denying that he tweeted a photo of his underwear-clad “member” to a follower of his on Twitter, Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner finally confessed he did send the photo. In addition to admitting he sent the photo, Rep. Weiner also admitted to “inappropriate” exchanges with “about six women” (though for all we know there could be more) before and after he got married last year. While admitting to his behavior and to lying about it, Rep. Weiner was adamant that he would not resign his seat in the House of Representatives.

During his statement, Rep. Weiner said he used his home computer and personal Blackberry – and not government computers – in his exchanges with the women, but House rules say a member “shall conduct himself at all times in a manner that shall reflect creditably on the House.” Despite Rep. Weiner’s statement that he did not use government computers in his exchanges with the women, shortly after Weiner’s statement House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called for an ethics committee investigation into whether Weiner’s behavior broke any House rules.

Here’s some video of Rep. Weiner’s press conference:

I’m not entirely sure what’s worse; the fact that Anthony Weiner sent a picture of his junk to a random woman on Twitter – not to mention the “inappropriate” communications he had with other women over the past few years – or the fact that Weiner lied repeatedly about what he had done. While I’m glad Rep. Weiner finally came clean and apologized for what he has done, the reality here is that the only reason he apologized is because he got caught and couldn’t spin his way out of trouble.

So what do you think; should Rep. Weiner have resigned his office? Is his political career for all intents and purposes over?


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24 thoughts on “So it was Weiner’s weiner after all…

  1. Why I’m encouraged by the aftermath, if forced to find some glimmer of hope out of the whole torrid affair, is that we lefties by and large, are cutting him very little slack slack, rather than digging in and defending him past the point of ridiculousness. I too wanted to believe that it was a hit job, but now that the facts are in, he’s lost his position in my list pols deserving the benefit of the doubt.

  2. I figured it was real the moment he didn’t bust Andrew Breibart the moment it came out. So that being said, any man who does this to his wife is scum and sending pictures of himself to young women unsolicited is absolutely gross – even they were a ‘joke’. I hope Pelosi does initiate an ethics investigation. Sexual harassment is a fucking crime, and it should cost him his career. It’s not okay If you’re a Democrat.

    I consider Andrew Breibart basically on the equivalent of the National Enquirer, but can you blame him for being all ‘neiner-neiner’? He exposed a politician who was sending unsolicited lewd photos to people. However I might disagree with his politics, his methods, and his smear tactics – he’s done good here. As long as people don’t believe in what he says as truth from now on, I’m fine with that. Just like how you may admit the National Enquirer was right about John Edwards.

    That being said: If this had been a Republican, the gist of it would probably be along the lines of ‘poor man being seduced, God forgives, can’t judge, etc’. Us being here are like ‘don’t care what politics you are, if you do wrong, you go down’. Well done.

  3. The root cause of all of this is our inability to address all the complexities of one’s sexuality. To a great extent, religious upbringing and its absurd treatment of sex results in adults never able to be freely open in their relationships with others, including their family and other loved ones. Hypocrisy, dishonesty, fear, and irrational behavior result. No need to look at political figures– it starts right at home.

  4. T.

    It doesn’t appear that Weiner committed a crime, so I think you’re wrong about that.

    And I think the American habit of expressing wild outrage over these kinds of sexual matters is way overblown. I think Weiners biggest offense, apart from the harm to his wife, is that he’s now been neutralized as a strong progressive voice.

    I further think that the fact that you can find no good in Anthony Weiner, but can find some in the National Enquirer and Andrew Breitbart, is a little bit misguided.

    1. That being said: compared to Mark Sanford and Larry Craig? He’s … not nearly as creepy compared to those ones. Still a creep, but not nearly as much.

      I am more than a little heartbroken over this. I liked him a lot, this is why I’m being critical over him. But we don’t know if it was consensual or not. That’s the only thing that should matter.

      if it was? Who cares? if it wasn’t, then there’s an issue. We will just have to wait and see either way from the women’s side of the story.

  5. The issue is that he has sent the messages unsolicited to women who likely thought it was gross, it’s not the issue of his morals. If it was a case of him having a consenting mistress on the side? Gross, but he never rode on a wave of higher morals than everyone. But as you can read on this:

    “I tweeted a photograph of myself that I intended as a direct message as part of a joke to a woman in Seattle,” he said of an image sent over Twitter of a man in his underpants, which sparked the scandal more than a week ago.

    Furthermore there is an issue he’s not sure if the people he sent to are under age or not. Frankly since he lied about him sending that text in the first place, i’m not sure if he’s lying about sending the message in twitter to people who enjoyed the flirting or wanted it. I mean, this isn’t about a classic “Well, I mean, it’s not really my business if he cheats on his wife, I care about the politics.” it’s about him tweeting pictures of his dick to young women just because he feels like it. That’s is very, very different from an affair.

    That being said, I feel like only the fringes of the Republican Party would be interested in this scandal. It benefits no one in the GOP if Weiner were to resign. A Republican of any stripe has no chance of winning his seat. Not even NY Republicans are making a big fuss about this. They know they can’t get a victory out of this. This story really begins and ends with Democrats who hate him, no matter what Breitbart says at this point. So if he steps down, someone else would just take his place that is more suitable for the position. That’s the reason why I don’t think it’s a complete loss. The same could be said of a whole bunch of Democrats the GOP hates. Even if he was a target, he won’t be replaced with someone favorable to their interest – in fact they might get someone even more powerful than Anthony Wiener.

    To me, I still don’t see much evidence of a massive party conspiracy. All I see is Breitbart and a few others stirring shit. The National GOP has more pressing issues to deal with at this time since they dug their own graves as soon as they got power again.

    1. Gross, but he never rode on a wave of higher morals than everyone.

      So as long as you don’t talk about “high morals” or “family values” (which frankly, every politician does to some degree and to some audiences) it’s not such a big deal? I know people here like to pile on the hypocrisy thing – but I’m guessing most Democrats take the same marriage vows Republicans do.

      On a personal level, I really don’t think much of people who cheat on their spouses. I have coworker who’s husband was cheating on her – with one of their friends, and most of their other friends, supposedly friends of both of them, knew about it & never told her. (She had a business trip cut short & came home early to surprise him…and did). I’ve warned my friends that in that situation, they can absolutely count on me to not be quiet. In this day & age, there’s no longer a stigma on divorce like there once was & couples get separated all the time. It’s a fundamental violation of trust, a betrayal that shows a total disregard for your spouse and if you think so little of them, you really shouldn’t be married any more. That’s not to say I couldn’t or wouldn’t forgive some one – I’m not perfect and we all make mistakes. (I know that sounds suspiciously like “love the sinner, hate the sin” but I’m not a particularly religious person – at least for me, it’s coming from life experience rather than a religious influence.)

      But that’s a personal opinion. Politics is a little different. As a general rule, I don’t think most have a lot of integrity so behaving in such a way doesn’t surprise me. I give you credit, T, for being able to think highly enough of a Congressman to I’d even be heartbroken. I guess I’m just too much of a cynic – I don’t think I can name a single one who would make me feel that way. Anyway, for me, with politicians, it’s more simply a matter of intelligence. They know that certain behavior could possibly or even likely end their careers. That’s just the nature of the business. As a human being, I’d forgive them. As someone elected to serve in office…if they’re either so stupid to not understand the implications of their actions – or so arrogant to think it doesn’t apply to them – I don’t want them making policy or fiscal decisions for me.

      1. I don’t follow morals because I can’t exactly claim that I probably won’t break them to tell you the truth. In many situations, they change and that’s the work of humanity. Instead I follow integrity and consistency. My integrity goes as the following: not to steal, not to lie, and avoid hurting anyone. It’s a reason why I often get on certain people’s cases here when they are shown not to have integrity or consistency. Or worse, they use words without knowing the context they are.

        That being said, I’m a live and let live sort of person, which is why I am an odd mix of filthy liberal with a love for guns. For example: I am not bothered by concealed carry, what I am bothered with that law is that they’re going to be giving it to anyone, when guns are a personal responsibility – I can guarantee it that most people I hear with guns going off are privileged suburbanites who have more money than sense. That is the thing I’m more worried about than some nutjob grabbing the guns themselves, because they could be goofing off with a gun, playfully aiming it not knowing how powerful it is or that it will send off a load of rounds – blam. Most people who I know who regularly hunt don’t have this problem, but I met people who are indoctrinated into the right-wing culture not getting what it’s really about who have done this to themselves. Basically, getting guns as bragging rights and ending up hurting themselves, friends, or family by mistake. Then again, if I had my way I would have state certified gun training courses. I’m off topic, with this but I’ll continue.

        Generally speaking, when I hear someone talking about morals that they’re planing on themselves and defining it for everyone else to be I can only roll my eyes. Think along the lines those people who say it’s wrong to get divorced, try to pass laws so that it’s harder to get divorced and criminalize, demonize sexuality outside of marriage then suddenly they are found with their pants down. If Anthony Wiener actually sent those pictures to people who didn’t want it? That’s the main issue to me.

        I personally don’t think highly of people who cheat on their spouses either, but I can’t be the judge of that. I’ve been raised Episcopalian, so I’m not really judgmental on anything to be honest. However, if Wiener did harass women by sending those pictures, that is what is the most wrong. It’s a betrayal of trust on one level, but that has to deal with the spouse who was cheated on to forgive them. If Anthony Wiener’s wife chooses to stay with him and forgive for what he did, who am I to judge? On the flip side of the coin, if she chooses not to forgive him, who am I to judge about that? She’s the one who most hurt by this, hypothetically speaking if he didn’t show it without those people’s permission.

        I think we should look at it this example: Senator Dave Hansen ran over his grand daughter when backing out of a driveway, which is tragic on many levels. Her parents know it was a horrible accident and have forgiven him for it. In fact, they get disgusted if you bring it up to push forward a political agenda like many conservatives did up here yet complained when he made a law in her name. (Which I think was more tasteful than what they were doing.) Should we really be bringing up when you’re recalling him that he murdered his grandchild in cold blood? ( I wish I was joking, but this was stated to me so I could recall him. ) If it proves that Anthony Wiener was merely having fun with girls who were equally having fun with him, and his wife forgives him – I consider the case done with. If not? Well, then by all means keep bringing it up.

        Call it idealistic, but I am fairly young still despite working my way up in the business world. Chances are when I’m about your age, I will be much more world weary, but for now – I’m going to assume the best in politicians. 🙂 I know there are fairly honest ones, it’s just most people I believe are cynics and brush them all with the same layer.

        1. Should we really be bringing up when you’re recalling him that he murdered his grandchild in cold blood? ( I wish I was joking, but this was stated to me so I could recall him. )

          I won’t dispute what you’re saying. And I don’t live in Hansen’s district – though I’m right next door, work there frequently and watch Green Bay news. I have never once heard the awful accident brought up in the context of the recall. Actually, I think this is the first time I’ve seen/heard/read any comment about it since back when it happened. A few weeks back, I actually made the comment to my wife, that I was surprised that I hadn’t heard any @ssholes bringing it up. Granted, I’ve only run into people looking for signatures twice.

            1. Nope. I’m on record as being against all of the current batch of recalls. I think it’s a waste of time and money – disagreeing with a vote isn’t something I consider appropriate for a recall. Felonies & that sort of thing – short of gross misconduct, there’s regularly scheduled elections to remove them.

              Specifically with regard to Hansen – I don’t mind the guy. Obviously I disagree with many of his positions, but he’s always seemed like a decent guy trying to do what he thinks is best for his district. But as I said, he’s not in my district, so it’s moot.

          1. I live in one of the Green Bay suburbs, De Pere so I often saw them outside of the grocery store of Festival and some in front of Walmart too when I was driving past from time to time. (Which in my opinion is a dumb move on the principle that it’s not just people from that district going there.) Then again, I saw the same ones up in Oneida as well who said they were recalling Cowles and it wasn’t until I got a look at their sheet that I figured out it wasn’t the case. (For one, the Recall Cowles sheet had a place to print your name and write your signature. Recall Hansen had only a place to put your signature.) It was said by a few people who went really out of line, I know I ran into it and some others who were on the facebook ran into similar. I think it was one individual in particular, but it strikes me as absolutely disgusting to use that against him when it was clearly a horrible accident. I have to find it again, but there are comments about it on facebook and it took me by pure shock.

            Most of the recallers were not that bad mind you, most of them I asked where they were from, if they knew what they were recalling Hansen, and they often actually didn’t know why other than the fact they had to make money. It was a job to them.

            I think the reason why the 3 democratic recalls are floundering now is instead of getting some motivated grassroot individuals they decided to contract out of state and all the people can think about is making money. Which is why an insane amount of signatures against Hansen are not even from his district and must be counted carefully.

  6. T,

    I haven’t read anywhere that the women involved have said the tweets and photos were unwelcome. If they do I’d certainly reconsider my thoughts on the matter. And I do find it odd that they are sending what they have to Andrew Breitbart.

    I think Weiners career is probably over. There is, apparently, a photo of his erect penis stashed somewhere in Breitbarts vault. It’s going to be difficult to be a firebrand progressive congressman with that hanging over your head, pardon the visual.

    1. ed if they have to resign because of lies, who would be left?

      As we say in my line of work, that’s not a bug, that’s a feature. 🙂

  7. We have an absolutely bizarre moral and political culture in this country, to our great detriment, and to the detriment of people elsewhere.

    Anthony Weiner tweets a photo of his unit and he’s damn near done.

    George W Bush illegally invades Iraq and he gets his own library.

    God help us all.

    1. Don’t forget to add in Bill Clinton to the mix for just how bizarre the moral and political culture is. An affair with an intern and despite an enormous effort from the Republicans, by and large, the general public never seemed to care or see it as anything but a joke.

      Seems to be, this backlash or overreaction about sexual stuff doesn’t apply if you’re likeable and charismatic enough.

      1. You know waht, Locke, the more I think about it, George W, Rummy, Darth Cheney, Condi, et al, never tweeted a photo of their crotch to anyone so I’m not quite sure sure what I’m getting all worked up about.

        I mean, what’s a little illegal invasion and mass murder when we’ve got crotch shots to worry about?

  8. Personally I don’t see this as being as much about the “sex” as it is about the fact that he lied. I can forgive an elected official for personal indiscretions of a sexual nature, but I find it harder to forgive when said elected official feels the need to lie about things once he’s caught.

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