Bernie Sanders Really Is A One Trick Pony

I am very disappointed that we are down to Senator Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Neither of them were on my favorites list but I will vote for whoever is the final nominee. Still not sure who I will vote for in April.

But right now, Senator Sanders isn’t making me more interested in his candidacy. Right now as a US Senator, he has a chance to really shine and act presidential and make some major noise in the Senate as they debate financial and federal support for all Americans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead he tweets this:

Yes, I love the sentiment. Regular readers know that I support a comprehensive, universal, single payer system…and you know that I have expressed doubts about Sen. Sanders messaging around his Medicare for All proposal.

But damn, it’s time for a short term plan to support and protect Americans who are suffering from the overall affects of the pandemic. I don’t need to hear the same campaign stump speech that I’ve been hearing since 2015.

Do your job! Show me what you got!


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5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Really Is A One Trick Pony

  1. Consider how Sanders has imploded, and ask what about his message or playbook is the reason. This will be talked about by reporters for years.

    The New York Times raised this question in a pointed way this past week. That the scenario below can be demonstrated in county after county and state after state speaks volumes about either a candidate or a campaign…or both.

    Four years ago, in Grant County, Oklahoma, Sanders crushed Hillary Clinton, 57.1 percent to 31.9 percent.

    This year, Sanders didn’t just lose Grant County — 87.5 percent white, 76.9 percent without college degrees — to Biden, his percentage of the vote fell by 41 points, to 16.1 percent.

    Grant County reflects what has become a nationwide pattern in the Democratic primaries, including those held last week, and what will play out tonight, I strongly assume.

    1. Any astute political analyst would have ascertained the oligarchical ownership of so much of the MSM and would have noticed the perpetual and deliberate assault on Sanders.

      He was questioning their power and control and his platform is still a threat to them and a springboard for democracy for the rest of us.

      Surprised to seemingly need to point out what’s obvious to most everyone.

  2. At least Sanders has one trick. So, preferable to nO-trick Joe. Sanders brought the focus immediately to blaming Trump where the focus should have been on this issue of winning in November (said to shut POTUS up over his lying and confusing the public) and then went into how we will be needing more trained personnel. Universal health care emergency declaration then needed so that no one need fear costs (presumably for testing or treatment)to track and contain virus…spoken in terms of what he’s campaigned on forever, i.e., healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

    Biden attacked Sanders instead of Trump and offered nothing except an intimation to trust the private sector failed healthcare denial and exclusion system for profit industry that isn’t able to deal with this pandemic itself right now and never was prepared for something like this virus.

    Biden’s “What’s a revolution going to do?” is a response as to how to address a pandemic? Brilliant solution Joe. Back the failed current industry profiteers.

  3. I quoted from Sen. Sanders Twitter account. At the time this was his most recent tweet. I looked down his page (I follow him for obvious reason) and didn’t find anything pertinent to the current situation. So to suggest this is the result of a MSM cabal is ludicrous. It wasn’t until well after this post tonight that he announced that he would address the pandemic. He too has had months to step to the plate and get involved. He is after all still a Senator.

  4. All Democrats hoping that “Decline Biden” or “Paid-off Pelosi” and her company are going to address the problems of everyday people both during and well through this pandemic and the aftermath of enabling any sort of recovery, need to watch “President,” Sanders Live Stream event Sunday evening and ask yourself who do you think has shown they actually understand the extent of the medical emergency and the financial problems before all of us and not just for “Wall St.”

    Streaming begins about 17 minutes in:

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