Henry Sanders is giving the finger to the rule of thumb

Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Henry Sanders, Jr., who’s been running an “outsider campaign” for Lt. Governor, has started running a series of ads challenging conventional wisdom regarding campaigns. Here’s the first of Sanders’ ads, which are giving the middle finger to the rule of thumb:


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6 thoughts on “Henry Sanders is giving the finger to the rule of thumb

  1. An outsider campaign being run by the former Executive Director of the Democratic party?

    That’s an insider campaign if I ever heard one, Zach.

    The only person not running an “Insider” campaign is James Schneider.

    But hey, if you call yourself an outsider, you totally are one, right?

    1. So wait, Sanders isn’t allowed to have anyone with any political experience running his cmapaign, lest he sacrifice the “political outsider” label?

      Compared to Rep. Tom Nelson and Sen. Spencer Coggs, two political insiders, Sanders is definitely a political outsider.

  2. To be fair, many people are running “outsider” campaigns and are the farthest things from. JD Hayworth ran one and had all the tea partiers excited. Mark Neumann is running one and never mentions the only reason he isnt a Washington insider is because he cant win an election.

  3. I think it’s pretty bold to use a phrase like “giving the finger to the rule of thumb” in a political campaign. It’s clever – plus he’s cute. If I lived there I’d vote for him. 🙂

  4. I’m with you Proud Progressive. I understand the polling, and the ‘rule of thumb’ and ‘conventional wisdom’ say that running as an Outsider is the hot thing to do. But, isn’t it the self described role of new media to point out when people are being hypocrites?

    If it’s good enough for Scott Walker, it’s good enough for Henry Sanders is all I’m saying.

    I just like to call them as I see them, personally.

    Finally, onto his video, isn’t it a little short sighted that your entire campaign seems to be taking a shot at one candidate? For a guy who seems to want to talk about his ideas, (I mean he’s got 18 of them) he takes a lot of pot shots that 90 % of the electorate doesn’t get, or care to understand.

    In my mind, that’s exactly what an “Insider” campaign is.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  5. DJ – So … people are fed up with politics as usual. Thus, running as an “outsider” is hot and popular and whatever. Thus, running as an outsider makes you an insider? Not sure I follow your logic.

    Take a look at the other videos …. they’re not all potshots at Nelson. And it’s not like this video is the only thing Sanders is doing.

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