Time for a Milwaukee County Caucus in Madison!

We all remember Tommy Thompson’s ‘Stick it to ’em’ quote about Milwaukee back in 1995 or more recently Governor Walker’s recall speech ‘We don’t want to be like Milwaukee’. And several of our progressive candidates during the recent state primaries voiced the concern that we weren’t being adequately represented in Madison.

We have to fix that…and one of the first steps was electing new young progressive voices to elective state offices. The next one is having a united voice in the Capitol representing Milwaukee County.

From what I understand there is currently a casual Milwaukee Caucus in Madison. But it is time that a true non-partisan Milwaukee County Caucus becomes part of the environment. A caucus that regularly meets to discuss the issues and concerns relevant to all of Milwaukee County. Where the state senators and legislators that represent any and all areas of Milwaukee County can find a common voice to promote our common interests. A place where local elected officials and agencies can go to more effectively make their voice heard in Madison, whether they are mayors, county supervisors, school board members, or village administrators.

It seems like a simple thing but to me it seems that we have neglected to make sure that Milwaukee County has been effective in making it’s voice heard in our Capitol!


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4 thoughts on “Time for a Milwaukee County Caucus in Madison!

  1. Fantastic point! I think we took a big step towards that goal with the last election. and the clean sweep of terrific Milwaukeeans winning seats in the Assembly and the Senate. The trick is, of course, to keep them united, and working together. I think the new crew we have going in there will do a lot to advance that.

  2. I hope Tammy sticks it to Tommy come November…U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

    Thompson, Walker, and all of the other Republicans in Wisconsin don’t care about Milwaukee or Madison. Come to think of it, they probably don’t care about anything that doesn’t benefit themselves and their cronies!

  3. As Kathleen Vinehout said at the Joe Biden event in Eau Claire, “As western Wisconsin goes, so goes the state!” Don’t forget the farmers here.

  4. Cat Kin…as the son of two farmers…and having grown up on my grandfather’s farm…I never forget the farmers. But this isn’t about just farmers and there still are a few here in Milwaukee County. It’s an effort to reverse the neglect and actual animosity that OUR state government has for Milwaukee County in general.

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