Jeff Plale should disavow push polling in 7th SD race

It’s no secret I’m supporting Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson in his primary challenge to incumbent Democratic State Senator Jeff Plale here in the 7th State Senate District. While I may not be supporting Sen. Plale in this race, I had hoped that the race wouldn’t devolve into nothing more than mudslinging, but my good friend Jason Haas is reporting that’s not the case, as push polling against Chris Larson has found its way into the race.

While I don’t have all the details on the nature of the push polling (though I do hope to get more of the details in the coming days) I can only hope Sen. Plale – who, in putting politics aside I know to be a pretty good guy, will disavow the push polling that’s found its way into his race.


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8 thoughts on “Jeff Plale should disavow push polling in 7th SD race

  1. He said at last night’s debate that “Chris and I have become bit players in the race” thanks to the push polls and IEs, but he did nothing to disavow the mailers or push polls targeting his opponent.

  2. Still waiting for Chris Larson to disavow the very negative 12 pieces of mail that are full of lies that I have gotten in my mail box the past month. Convenient he waited until there are rumors of one thing against him.

      1. 1. You nor anyone else has ever asked me if I met with Plale on a professional basis regarding his campaign.
        2. I am not working for Plale in any capacity. I have not received any money from Plale, nor have I ever received any money for Plale.
        3. Until I went to his fundraiser earlier this week and wrote him a check, I had not talked to Jeff since June.

        And just so we are clear, because I know you are going to try this next:

        4. I have never had any contact with any independent group nor anyone who is working for an independent group in this race. Beyond what I read in the paper, I have no idea who is behind any group that is pro-Plale. I have never met Scott Jensen, but I was in the same room as him in 1998 when he was Speaker. We never spoke.

        I have stayed mostly silent on this race, because frankly I have other things, but the biggest pet peeve of mine is hypocrisy. More than people doing 45 in the left lane, people who litter, and smokers.

        You cannot reap the rewards of special interests doing your dirty work and stay silent, and then cry foul when there is a rumor that their might be a hit piece.

        Chis Larson is a big old hypocrite on this issue.

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