Oppo Research – New Ads Sean Duffy & Ron Johnson

In an ad that looks more like one for the men’s body spray – Axe, Sean Duffy teeters on a branch, as he symbolically takes the axe to Washington’s old ways (I wonder if he means Boehner and his cohorts?)

Meanwhile well-mannered and well-married GOP candidate for Senate promises to respect us and tell us the truth…. Somehow I doubt it given his record to date.


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3 thoughts on “Oppo Research – New Ads Sean Duffy & Ron Johnson

  1. Duffy looks like a cam-whore idiot mounting that big big pole like that, What will the next ad be, him with an open (yet still Rugged Flannel) shirt while buxom and obedient “Squaws” rub oil on his manly chest?
    There’s something too too Mary Sue about this ad. Mary Sue, like when you can tell some High School fanfiction writer has too obviously written an idealized version of their own self (with flowing auburn hair and heaving, generous breasts) into a short (and lame) fan fic.
    He “glows” just a little too much as he enacts his weird LumberJack cosplay here.

    strange, unless you’re trying to campaign against maybe …The Situation.

    and all that about fanfictions up there. okay, I admit, it may seem like I KNOW TOO MUCH on that topic. Lol
    and sorry I can’t provide any links to Heaving Breasted Auburn Hair Woman stories for your enjoyment, fanfics are all over the Internets and um….okay O_O
    I better stop typing now. but Duffy looks like that’s a personal fantasy of his or something. ew.

    1. Duffy’s entire campaign is an act. I agree that this ad is nicely over the top, but he has nothing else, as his non-answers about Social Security on FoxSnooze shows.

      There is plenty of mainstream fiction that is populated with Mary Sues. Hermione Granger is Rowling’s Mary Sue and Mikael Blomkvist is Stieg Larsson’s. Of course if you want your act to be your Mary Sue, you have to pay attention that people can tell the difference between you and your fictional alter ego.

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