Scott Walker on 9/11: unions “want 2 hijack the primary”

On the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks that brought down the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker saw fit to tweet about a union rally being held at the Milwaukee County Courthouse yesterday:

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On the anniversary of the date that terrorists hijacked four planes and killed thousands of people by crashing those planes into the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington DC, and a field in rural Pennsylvania, it strikes me as more than a little outrageous that someone of Scott Walker’s stature would throw around the word “hijack” so casually just to score some cheap political points because of his hatred for labor unions.

I’d call on Scott Walker to apologize for his use of the word “hijack” on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, but I know better than to expect Scott Walker to apologize for anything he says or does. Regardless of whether he apologizes or not, Walker’s language in referring to labor unions is simply uncalled for, and it says a lot about Walker.

capper has his own take on this.


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20 thoughts on “Scott Walker on 9/11: unions “want 2 hijack the primary”

  1. As I recall, shortly after the tragedy at O’Donnell Park, he and Jill Bader kept using the word “crush” in their tweets. I’d say they’re not thoughtful, but that implies that they think at all.

  2. Not to mention his commercials about beating Tom Barrett, who suffered the brutal attack last year.

    Walker takes narcissism and ineptitude to whole new levels.

      1. He went negative, because what does he have that is positive to talk about? The fact that he doesnt have student loan bills to pay back?

      2. Zach – Neumann started out negative on Walker and stayed that way until they pulled him back…

        So, are the Dems going to screw with our primary or not?

        1. You’re 100% right that Neumann started negative, but it’s interesting how Walker and Neumann have switched strategies as polling has tightened.

          I sincerely doubt Dems are going to screw with the GOP primary, at least in Milwaukee County, because we’ve got too many important primaries of our own.

  3. Walker should not worry about unions they are being stamped out one by one and are losing any clout they once had. Mercury Marine, Harley Davidson etc are breaking unions because unions have no power.

  4. You are finally correct about something nota, Unions are losing the clout they once had. That clout is going to multinational CEO’s who outsource American jobs and take multi million dollar bonuses. You can keep being proud and siding with the CEO’s when your neighbors get foreclosed on and are kicked out on the street.

  5. You know, I thought your post about Ron Johnson was pretty stupid. This one just bottomed out. If you can possibly become more stupid and pathetic, it would be an accomplishment rivaling the labors of Hercules.

    1. After he cleans up the Left-o-Sphere, Wigderson will get right to work on cleaning out the Augean stables of the Wingnut-O-Sphere in Wisconsin. I say divert the river through the Underground Conservative, turn right at BadgerBlogger, turn more right and flush out the Dad29, rinse off Prof. Shh ‘n Shh, and then head for WPRI. The resulting logjam of, well, will have enough momentum to wipe the ridiculousness out of several other right-wing blogs.

      1. John, for some strange reason (maybe because I’m a cynic) I just don’t see Widgerson calling out anyone on his side for their outrageousness. After all, he’ll just say he’s not really concerned about what they’re doing, or that he doesn’t really pay attention, or some other lame excuse.

        Ultimately though, it’s good to see Wigderson’s no better than most the rest of the far-right wing bloggers when it comes to throwing around insults to attack folks. I had thought him better than that, but apparently I was mistaken.

  6. Actually I think it shows how out of touch and what an intellectual lightweight career politician scott walker actually is.

  7. It shows how far down the drain they are. Instead of stepping up and forcefully trying to tell people why they should vote FOR you, Scotty, you whine about outside groups that will have very little reason behind your probable loss.

    You can really tell the character of people when things go against them. At the first sign of distress, Scotty blames someone else and runs to Sykes/Belling, compared to the Feingolds of the world who take it to the people and give it straight. It speaks volumes, and is why both will be kept in their present jobs for 2011.

  8. In keeping with the level of discourse here, you must be similarly outraged at Barack Obama’s use of the word “hostage”:

    Or that wacky Annie Wacker, a high-ranking official of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council, threatened violence against the Milwaukee County Executive just two days ago:

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