The buck apparently does’t stop with Scott Walker

I’ve written before about Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker’s farcical jobs plan – you know, the 68-page plan written in 58 point font – it’s the same jobs plan that landed Walker recognition by Keith Olbermann as one of his “Worst Persons in the World.”

Despite the fact that Walker’s large-fonted “improved” jobs plan (which has been mocked, ridiculed, and criticized by no shortage of folks) was released by campaign staffer Michael Brickman on September 19, it wasn’t until yesterday that Walker himself finally distanced himself from the plan while stopped short of actually apologizing or taking any responsibility for the plan.

“That’s one person who wrote a blog,” the Republican said Thursday. “It has nothing to do with me.”

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the Democrat in the race, criticized the post this week, calling it juvenile.

The item, posted to Walker’s site Friday by campaign aide Michael Brickman, calls Barrett’s jobs plan a “thick packet of fluff. ” The post includes a link to a copy of a short jobs plan by Walker that is written in a headline-size font — making it 68 pages, one page more than Barrett’s plan.

As I’ve written before, it’s pretty clear Scott Walker doesn’t believe in the idea that the buck stops with him when it comes to the foibles and mistakes his subordinates make, and this situation is just one more example of Scott Walker’s pathological unwillingness to take any responsibility for the mistakes his campaign – or the individuals he manages in Milwaukee County – have made.


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