Calling all volunteers!

It’s crunch time. There’s just a week left until election day, and the Democratic Party is calling for “all hands on deck” to help volunteer for get out the vote (GOTV) efforts this weekend. Let’s show conservatives that we’re as fired up and enthusiastic as they are by finishing the 2010 elections with a strong GOTV push.

Alternately, you can sign up to volunteer to help out the Democratic Party and Tom Barrett and Russ Feingold by visiting the DPW’s website.


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7 thoughts on “Calling all volunteers!

  1. BTW this reminds me that I wanted to both congratulate and thank you for posting that info re: how the RoJo/Badgercare info could be obtained without <monkey Business and privacy violation.
    ALSO!!!!! and this is CRITICAL IMO

    If the original posters of information that is not just opinion or a rehash of old news, especially stuff the is the least bit sensational GODDAMIT they want it to "go viral" and all that well then put SOME kinda source. Even if you say "I met with DeepThroat in a basement parking lot but I trust this source etc.

    It's insulting in a way, if we're all supposed to just follow blindly to whatever some other blogger says. Who wants to look stupid for "owning" some other blogger's BS? It harms the credibility of all who pick up and re-post bad info.

    IN the early days of blogging 'real" journalists were always up in everybody's shit because we wouldn't fact check and wouldn't do proper Source work. etc. it the first posters had put basic info about the sources, it would save ALL the questions in that threat, cut down on the accusations of bullshitting for the Other Side AND have saved Zach the work of trying to find the info on his own.
    Not would Scott Suder have made his dumb accusations, which many will see only that,
    so i don't care how High Ranked some blogger is, if he has a hot line to news that bottomfeeder bloggers like myself don't have access to then treat that info with respect and protect it with an aura of credibility
    OOOOH pisses me off

    I thought of all that because I wanted to ask some other info about why things are done the way they are done – which is

    does anyone have any real data on if Phone Banks works? or if they just piss off the majority of people they call. I have don't this in years past and I won't anymore. Because of my past employment situations, I have no trouble interacting with ppl on the phone, but it felt TOO bad, annoying so many people. I personally came to the conclusion that does more harm than good. As I recall the most "favorable" responses were of a type like "I am being patient with you, I will answer you questions and listen to your BS, but I am imaging your mangled corpse the whole time I speak with you, Thank you, have a nice day and go die"
    Do we know why this is still done? Thoughts? Rebuttals? "Have a nice day and go die"?
    I'd be interested to hear…

  2. Really, that was sooo bad I am leaving for the Mayo Clinic IMMEDIATELY for extensive brain scans. I’m also starting a Donation Poll for myself. If you have an excess of cranial stuffing, and would like to donate a few ounces of high quality grey matter, please contact the ICU in Rochester

    Thank you and Good Night Nurse!

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