Republicans, including Wisconsin’s own, Sean Duffy, weak in the polls

Well we knew that this would happen eventually. Republicans have lit a fire under the people of the United States with this shutdown. We still have federal parks close and federal employees at home without pay. While most of this will probably be resolved in some time, I am encouraged by the fact that people are bailing on the majority party in Congress because of their misuse of the trust they were given when they were voted into office.

(Though I would contend that they won because of redistricting issues in states. Democrats still won the majority of votes throughout the US by 200,000 votes, and in any other time, that would normally carry over into the individual districts…)

But here you go folks! The polling provided to us the Public Policy Polling. (PPP) Simply click on the picture to view it in original format if it is too small for you.

PPP Survey on 17 Republicans falling behind unnamed Democrats in the race due to the fallout from the shutdown.
PPP Survey on 17 Republicans falling behind unnamed Democrats in the race due to the fallout from the shutdown.

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7 thoughts on “Republicans, including Wisconsin’s own, Sean Duffy, weak in the polls

  1. Ho-hum,

    Same old horse race, only two choices, rinse repeat? Stuck with the status quo. More TINA-hype. Dustin, I’m afraid you have missed the boat.


      I invite you to read that. I’m not saying any party is perfect, nor is any candidate, but by god if you want me to sit here and say, “Well damn we need a third party and a better candidate,” you can look somewhere else. Democratic blood runs in these veins and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

      As the writer quotes:
      “Anyone who tells you both parties are exactly the same has either not been paying attention, or they’re being completely disingenuous. I’d even go so far as to say that they’re recruiting for the Libertarian Party (with which I do agree on some things, but not all) or they’re trying to keep people from voting by spreading apathy and disinformation.”

  2. No Dustin, holster your side-arm.

    Just saying there is a need to get beyond which brand of austerity you want to be subjected to forever, or which brand of militarized repression you wish to be smothered by, (pick any topic or issue) the 1% kind or the 1% kind, there is no war but class war.

    Keep demanding that ideas, issues, or popular movements be funneled and restricted ideas into neat and tidy categories all you want, if it makes you comfortable. Getting out of the comfort zone is what is presently demanded of anyone truly demanding change (and by change, I’m not referring to small change, infinite trickle-down).


  3. No side arm here! I don’t believe in all that concealed carry stuff, or open carry, or just semi automatic guns in general.

    I agree with you. Thinking outside of the box is what the country needs and those that demand it make it happen. I apologize if I came off as brash or aggravated. I didn’t put my point out there well.

    Every now and again I lose sight of what matters in terms of change. It’s when I have to go back and look at those awesome quotes from people like Mead.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

  4. Dustin, this is the most encouraging poll I have scene for Democrats in Northern Wisconsin since 2008. Getting rid of strait party voting could hurt Republicans in 2014 in this particular district. The district has a lot of different media markets so its difficult to beat an incumbent, especially one like Duffy who is great on tv and radio. Democrats are going to need to find a star candidate to win this one.

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