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If you could vote for only one person next tuesday, Wisconsin and/or national, who would it be.

For me the one vote I would cast in Wisconsin and National would be Russ Feingold, followed nationally by Dennis Kucinich.


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19 thoughts on “Just curious

  1. Typo there on Dennis Kucinich.

    For any D.C. election, it would be Feingold. My heart is in the Feingold race more than any other, for philosophical reasons.

    However, on a more pragmatic level, the Wisconsin governor is an incredibly powerful position –– much more powerful than most other governors. So my vote for Barrett is probably the most important one I will cast.

  2. Much as I hope Feingold wins, the lives of people in Wisconsin will be impacted much more by who the governor is for the next 4 years than whether we have one Democrat more or less in the US Senate. Walker will hurt a lot of innocent ande vulnerable people, in Milwaukee and across the state, is he’s governor.
    Ron Johnson may never be heard from again if he goes to DC..

    1. What “innocent and vulnerable people” will be hurt? Also, how would you consider not to be “innocent” in Wisconsin?

      1. Me and my family probably. People in the lower middle class basically where many in my neighborhood are stuck. We aren’t starving, but we still have to make ends meet anyway and a lot of state services help us. A lot of government keeps us from falling completely in the hole.

        I personally want to get a full time job, but thankfully all my years going into school for Marketing and Accounting can get me somewhere once this economy gets back on it’s feet and we don’t suffer from those free trade agreements anymore.

  3. Anyone? Chuck Hagel.
    And if I get a second it would be Jim Webb.
    And a third would be Hillary Clinton.

  4. For the state of Wisocnsin it would be Barrett for natioanl it would be Russ Feingold. If it had to be tru;y someone outside Wiscosnin it would be for McAdams running for US senate in Alaska then my Wi vote would be for Feingold.

  5. Ron Johnson to rid of the most liberal member of the Senate.

    Sharon Angle to rid us of the worst Senate Majority Leader ever.

  6. Ron Johnson, just to get rid of a condesending, egotistical, self- centered jerk, and Sharron Angle for the same reason

  7. I’d vote for Russ Feingold and Lincoln Chaffee just to have two people who can actually work with others on issues without having to tow the party line to please their leaders. They could actually think things through and reach a reasoned policy.

  8. Russ Feingold in a heartbeat.

    Not that I was wavering at all, but seeing yet another dishonest Republican ad calling the Health Reform a “government takeover” was enough for me. I’m sick of how the Republican party needs to resort to lies, fearmongering, and disdain for others to stay in power. Another disgusting Republican ad was the one implying everyone on Badgercare is a lazy freeloader. I don’t vote for people with such a foul attitude, granted that ad might have been a fringe group thing and not from a Republican candidate.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been disappointed by the same old rhetoric from Democratic campaigns too, but that the Republicans rely on the lie that health care reform is a government takeover just disgusts me. Imagine if they win control on a platform of lies… scaring people into thinking the government will dictate all of their health decisions unless the Republicans are voted in to take care of the boogieman.

    1. Not everyone on Badgeer care are lazy freeloaders but there are enough who are. For example we recently hired a gal and our company has great health insurance(at least for now) she does not want to take the insurance because she wants to continue on Badger Care her words were “I want the state to keep paying for my insurance.” She also gets housing assistance and proudly has one of those highly abused state of Wisconsin debit crads. Oh yes she is married but her husband spends most of his time playing video games during the day. Someone on our teams husband did get him a job a few weeks ago where he works but this lazy good for nothing called in sick on the second day and then he called in sick again on his fifth day of work. She said she was upset that they let him go but in the long run it was better for them….now I wonder why she thinks that.

  9. Thank you all for responding. This kind of went as I thought it would go. The people on the left brought up people they stood with who had the same ideology and they believed in, etc…

    The people on the right, were anti someone, and supported people who were running against someone they did not like. They did not bring up people who they fully supported.

    1. REALLY?

      I did bring up people I fully support. I could use your anology and say people on the left only brought up candidates that are running against the main stream opinion of the country this election and not really supporting candidates they fully support only those who are against real change.

      What a silly anology on your part.

  10. Notalib
    October 28, 2010 at 11:22 am · Reply · Edit

    Ron Johnson in order to get the most liberal person out of DC and Sharron Angle to remove one of the worse Senators in America.

    Sorry nota that sounds like your against something to me.

    As for against the main stream opinion of this country…check the polls.

    1. Exactly I will vote to remove Russ but I am voting for Johnson because he has the values Ameica needs. And while I am unable to vote for Angle she is a better choiuce then the far left Reid. America needs to get as many liberals out of DC as possible before its too late for this country.

      And as long as you said check the polls ok…

      Gallup finds 42% of Americans describing themselves as either very conservative or conservative. This is up slightly from the 40% seen for all of 2009 and contrasts with the 20% calling themselves liberal or very liberal.

      Like I said America is really a conservative nation slowly being hijacked by a dangerous and destructive far left agenda and it is time for America to reclaim its country form these people.

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