But wait….I thought WPRI was supposed to be “nonpartisan”

For the past six months, I’ve been embedded with the Ron Johnson for Senate campaign…

So says Christian Schneider on the WPRI blog, as he promotes a story he wrote about the 2010 U.S. Senate race between Johnson and Sen. Russ Feingold.

According to its website, WPRI is a “nonpartisan, not-for-profit Institute,” but I can’t help but wonder how exactly embedding one of its own fellows with a U.S. Senate campaign is “nonpartisan.”


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3 thoughts on “But wait….I thought WPRI was supposed to be “nonpartisan”

  1. these are some interesting columns, they really show what an empty suit ROJO really is. I wonder how the campaign people live with themselves when they get such uninteresting, unintelligent people elected!

  2. Are you actually trying to make the argument that being embedded – doing research for a long-term, behind the scenes story necessarily means the journalist is partisan?

    If that’s a case, there’s a long list of journalists who fit the bill – including probably a majority of Pulitzer winners.

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