Republican lawmaker: no tax cuts for middle class unless wealthy get big tax cuts

Yep, Republicans in Washington D.C. really really care about helping the middle class…

The incoming Republican chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee said the GOP will block any proposal that extends tax cuts for the middle class for a longer period than those for the wealthy.

Blocking an extension of tax cuts for the middle class unless the top two percent of the wealthiest Americans get their huge piece of the pie?

Sounds like a winning strategy to me!

If Democrats were smart they’d force Republican to vote against extending the Bush tax cuts for the middle class so that Republicans can be left to explain why they’d rather vote against continuing to provide middle class individuals and families – who’ve no doubt been hit hard by the current recession – than see millionaires and billionaires go without an extension of their hefty tax cuts.


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7 thoughts on “Republican lawmaker: no tax cuts for middle class unless wealthy get big tax cuts

  1. No tax hikes for ANYONE during a recession. That’s what we are talking about here. TAX hikes. Tax hikes for the “wealthy”, also known as JOB CREATORS! We have gone from the race card to playing the class warfare game. Enough already!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Baloney. The wealthy do not create jobs. A demand for goods or services creates jobs. No rich man hires people because he can afford it. He hires people for the same reason the middle class businessman hires people or the street vendor hires people: he needs more people to do the business that is coming to him.

      1. Your name is fitting as you are partially correct. But how many middle class or lower income workers have the ability to hire anyone or invest in a new idea or business?

  2. PB, is partially right. We are a “pull” society meaning that the consumer demand creates growth. As opposed to a push society, such as the former soviet Union, where a manufacturer just pushes goods on the market.

    However, one also has to be able to take advantage of a market pull to grow. In other words they need aceess to either equity or debt. The Wealthy have the equity to grow and have access to capital markets. (it’s generally better to grow by leveraging OPM than using your own)

    The middle class business man doesn’t have the same acess to capital markets, which makes growth more difficult.

  3. The wealthy don’t invest in jobs during a recession…businesses don’t hire until their staff can no longer keep up with demand. The wealthy just invest it in stocks which do not create jobs or products or services…

  4. I still have yet to hear a reasonable explanation on how tax increases on anyone during a recession is good for an economic turnaround. Good for the Republicans sticking to their guns on this. If the middle class do not get the tax cut renewed, it will the fault of Democrats.

    1. forget, I guess one could make the argument that if operating costs (spending) are/ is too high, revenues need to be increased to avoid deficits. But that assumes, the additional revenue would actually be used to reduce deficits instead of being spent on more social programs.

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