Meet the new “Weeper of the House”

Throughout the 2010 election cycle, there were ample stories of candidates being told to “man up” regarding one issue or another, and that’s why I find it so amusing that while Republicans have been fond of telling their Democratic opponents to “man up,” John Boehner, the presumptive Speaker of the House, has had some problems with crying at the drop of a hat:

While John Boehner may soon be the Speaker of the House, perhaps “Weeper of the House” is more appropriate. And for what it’s worth, if this were a liberal elected official, conservatives would be having a field day with his lack of “manliness,” but yet John Boehner has gotten a free pass for his willingness to cry at the drop of a hat.

H/T to Politics USA.


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5 thoughts on “Meet the new “Weeper of the House”

  1. I find his emotions very fitting. I see a human being instead of a partisan pol.

    I found Dick Durbin’s emotional apology a few years ago the same.

    Tears cleanse the soul and are good for it. It takes courage to weep and carry on with one’s responsibilities.

  2. I almost never give a second’s worth of attention to Olbermann. Not sure why I did now, but it only reminded me why I don’t.

    re: the bat & “police allege”. As painful of a speech as that was, he directly and explicitly explained that the bat was a metaphor. Apparently Keith doesn’t understand what that word means.

    As far as the crying:
    “Can you imagine the mix of wroth and merriment from the right if the newly-crowned democratic speaker of the house presumptive had wept during his or especially her first speech.”

    Yes, I can. And those guys, Beck, Limbaugh & O’Reilly would be slimeballs for doing so. Thanks for proving once again, you are exactly their equivalent, simply from the other side of the dishonest, slimeball political spectrum.

    And Zach – thanks for reminding me why Olbermann is on my list of people to never listen to, to never waste my time on.

  3. I’m trying to remember if I ever used the phrase “man up”. I sure hope I haven’t because I hate it. What does that mean anyway…or what is it implying?

  4. Hillary got weepy and I think the only ones to criticize were fellow liberals/Obama supporters. I had no problem with it. I think our society has gotten more emotional, not saying that is good or bad, probably good. Evidence of this is when Bush and Obama hugged at the inauguration rather than just shook hands. Bush was also known to be more emtional. I see Obama as more methodical and distant. Not saying one is preferable over the other, just different personality types.

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