Thank You To All of the Unpaid Federal Employees.

It was remarkable that the nation continued to function as well as it did during the partial shutdown…given how many key law enforcement employees were required to work without pay.

And thank you to the dedicated federal employees who were locked out of their jobs and suffered severe financial risk as well.

The nation owes you big time!


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2 thoughts on “Thank You To All of the Unpaid Federal Employees.

  1. Sure, Pelosi was the brains. But the brawn that eventually brought this shit show grinding to a halt were the workers who, collectively, demonstrated what it was doing to the country (and how possibly worse things were going to get). Labor *does* still wield a lot of power. They need to recognize that and flex their muscle. Why do you think the LA teacher’s strike lasted less than a week?

    1. There was a time when labor wielded a lot of power. Now, however, due to a four decade strategy of divide and conquer on the part of the ownership class and its Republican lackeys, labor’s power is drastically diminished.

      What it will take is for the entire working class inclusive of those outside what presently comprises organized labor to, as you note, recognize the power of their collective, critical contribution to the economy, and to take some proactive steps to flex that power. Unfortunately, organizing such a movement will be difficult without the expected push-back from the ownership class, and doubly difficult facing the well organized resistance with which we will inevitably be met.

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