Sunday Afternoon Humor: The World’s View of Blogging Blue?

This is absolutely hilarious. But here are the stats on Blogging Blue the business!

Please don’t tell my accountant about the revenues…and boy has the pandemic ever taken a bite out of 2020. At our next wall street conference call I am going to have to reduce guidance for the year. I imagine our stock is going to take a plunge.

And I love all 11 of our employees and hope I can keep them all on but I didn’t get the PPP package that I had requested. So far I’ve had to cut Christian Schneider. I hope he left HR with his current contact information so I can get his tax info to him next January.

I don’t know who these guys are or where they get their info but they sure do have their own version of alternative facts! And I see that Blogging Blue shares it’s SIC with lots of other sites. LOL!

$2 million huh? I wonder how much of that I can get off shore before Biden takes office and raises my taxes?

But really, Zoominfo is an actual business with real revenues and stock offerings and CEOs? What a bunch of incompetent nitwits.


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1 thought on “Sunday Afternoon Humor: The World’s View of Blogging Blue?

  1. Ha! Is Urban Milwaukee north of $200 million yet, according to these geniuses??

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